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Survey reveals full price games put consumers off

43 per cent of respondents said they would rather wait for games to drop in price

Most consumers are deterred from buying games at full price, according a poll carried out by Frank Magid Associates, as reported by GameDaily.

When asked how the price of USD 59.99 for a new game would affect their purchasing decisions 43 per cent of respondents said they would wait for the price to come down, while 30 per cent responded that they would rather buy more used games and 23 per cent said they would buy fewer games.

A further 17 per cent of the responses indicated that they would rent games rather than purchase a full priced title, another 17 per cent said they would only spend the full price for the 'right' game and 11 per cent choose 'none of the above'.

Those surveyed were allowed to make multiple choices for each question, although the precise demographic and numbers of those surveyed was not revealed.