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Who we are and what we do

Next time you happen to sit on a bus or train, try to sneak a peak at your fellow travelers from behind your newspaper or paperback. Provided you do not live among the Amish, chances are you will see quite a lot of people staring intently into their cellular telephones, thumbs on keypad and lips twitching as if in a mystic, urban trance. Peculiar as this might seem, there is no cause for alarm; these are merely the new gamers and they are... everyone. Mobile gaming has become a mainstream pastime, practiced by old and young, casual gamers as well as the hard-core. Yet while the market grows and mobile hardware platforms increase in power and sophistication, the games themselves remain poor, more often than not simply idle distractions. Or at least they were, until Polarbit entered the arena.

A privately held company, Polarbit was founded in January 2005 by original promoters and key technical and management staff from Synergenix Interactive AB, a respected and highly successful mobile game content developer and publisher. The core vision and business idea behind Polarbit is to lead the market in the development of games and middleware targeting high-end mobile and handheld devices and thereby act as an inspiration for the mobile game industry as a whole. The collective experience, technical talent and uncompromising attitude towards quality in our team guarantee that Polarbit technology is always synonymous with world class entertainment technology. Polarbit applies itself to two separate but related fields:


Polarbit owns and maintains Fuse, a highly optimized game development framework comprised of game engine, SDK and toolset supporting Symbian, PocketPC, PalmOS, Brew, Wipi, Windows CE and Linux. Fuse allows licensed developers to focus on playability and game mechanics (or as we like to call them: 'the fun stuff') while minimizing the risk of software and hardware issues. It represents an ideal solution for game developers and publishers who want to create and deploy cutting edge mobile games with high performance and stunning visual quality with a minimum of technical interference. Simply put, it makes the development process faster, less vulnerable and thereby less stressful and more enjoyable for developers.

Game development

The essence of Polarbit is the love of games, and in-house development is an integral part of what we do. We apply Fuse in the creation of games that are at the bleeding edge of gaming technology, while regularly supplying alternate versions for MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 Java-supported systems. This might include developing a 3D FPS for state-of-the-art platforms with Fuse and a subsequent 2D isometric shooter for less powerful devices. We take great pride in ensuring that our Java-based products, while not as technically advanced, are every bit as playable and enjoyable as their Fuse counterparts.

The members of the Polarbit team have been involved in the development and distribution of numerous games for a wide variety of mobile devices, as well as development and integration projects comprising many different platforms and systems. Not content to live on past glories however, we strive to constantly prove ourselves through the outstanding quality of our work and are intent to make every new product our finest yet.

Tommy Forslund

Polarbit marketing dept.

For further information on us, the Fuse platform or any product in our portfolio, feel free to visit us at www.polarbit.com or contact us at:

E-mail: biz@polarbit.com

Tel: +46 (0)8 668 0101

Adress: JTMrnagatan 16

151 73 SödertTMlje


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