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Pokémon Black Version/White Version

Pokemon facts from the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition.


Some things you may not know about the franchise that are featured in this year's book and previous editions include:

Largest Collection of Pokémon Memorabilia 

Lisa Courtney has a collection of Pokémon memorablillia that numbered 14,410 different items when counted in October 2010.  Lisa has been collecting for over 14 years, and her favorite item is a doll of the Pokémon Absol that she bought through eBay.  Her collection includes items from the UK, US, France and, of course, Japan.  Since appearing in last year's Guinness world Records Gamer's Edition, Lisa has been honored by Hertford Museum, UK, which has run an exhibition featuring some of Lisa's amazing collection and her Guinness World Records certificate.   

First Perfect Game On Pokémon Puzzle League 

Lawrence "Tusm" Brown (USA) was the first person to attain a perfect score on Pokémon Puzzle League racking up 999,999 points in 2006.

First protein named after a video game character  

In July 2008, biologists from the Osaka Bioscience Institute in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, identified a protein that is necessary to efficiently transmit visual information to the brain. Having determined that the protein is used in kinetic vision (being able to detect fast-moving objects), they named it pikachurin after Pikachu, who is also apparently very fast.

Highest score for Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball  

On June 25, 2005, Matt O'Rourke (USA) achieved a score of 309,374,900 on Nintendo Game Boy Color's Pokémon Pinball (Blue) and 322,497,700 (Red).

Highest Score on Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Nintendo, 2000)  

The highest score on Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Hard Mode, Garbage level) is 13,756, achieved by Jennifer Jacobs (USA) in New York, USA, on May 20, 2010.

Top-50 Characters of All-Time 

Pokémon's Ash Ketchum, the ultimate Pokémon Trainer, comes in at #37 of the top 50 video game characters list generated by Guinness World Records readers.  Everyone's favorite Pokémon, Pikachu surfaced at #20.  

I thought these facts would make a good addition to any Pokémon story you may be working on.  If you're interested in learning more please let me know. 




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