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Point ‘Ankh’ Click

Classic Gaming Returns To Ancient Egypt Courtesy Of BHV Software And Deck 13 Interactive Studios’ Point and Click Adventure, Ankh.

Monday 28th November 2005/... bhv Software in collaboration with Deck 13 Interactive today announced that Ankh - a charming Point and Click adventure set in ancient Egypt - will be unveiled on 3rd February 2006. German developer Deck 13 was assisted by Telltale Studios, the company that played a decisive role at LucasArts in developing legendary comic adventures like Escape From Monkey Island.

If you thought Point and Click adventures had gone the way of the pharaohs, think again - this is no mirage. With Ankh, Deck 13 has resurrected a much-loved genre for a new generation of gamers: Ankh is the new adventure reference*. Expect to be swept along by a story brimming with fun and romance, expertly moulded around an vibrant 3D world featuring a slew of impressively detailed- and endearingly animated graphics.

Players take on the role of fun-loving youngster, Assil, who, after stealing the Great Pyramid key to organise a party for his friends, receives a death curse by accidentally breaking one of the holy urns. This leaves him just a few hours to prevent his very existence being erased. As fate would have it Assil stumbles across a magic Ankh and the girl of his dreams. Using all their cunning they must find a way through Ankh's mysterious and inspiring setting to rid Assil of his curse.

Cairo... the ancient city of thousand shapes, colours and smells. And of Pharaohs, crocodiles and assassins. It won't be easy for Assil to get an audience at the palace to shake off his death curse. Even worse, the number of his foes is growing faster as his curse takes possession of him. Only a keen mind can save Assil from certain death: You.

"With Ankh we have tried to remain faithful to the spirit of past Point and Click adventures," said Jan Klose, project manager, Deck 13 Interactive. "While the crucial ingredients of humour, strong storyline, fun puzzle elements and meaningful character interaction remain key to the game's overall appeal, we're now able to add the kind of graphical polish previously unseen in the genre."

Ankh features numerous challenging puzzles and riddles, sumptuous graphics, dozens of whimsical characters, over 100 items to use, dozens of locations around ancient Cairo, a fully orchestrated soundtrack, quality voice acting and a simple yet intuitive Point and Click control interface.

Ankh will be released on 3rd February 2006 on the PC and be available from www.amazon.co.uk and major retail stores.

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