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Point And Click Console And PC MMO The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms Launches Special Beta Preview

MMO Adventure Inspired by the Works of Bestselling Author Darren Reid Launches its Special Beta Preview

Darren Reid' The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms, a point and click online adventure, has just launched a special beta preview. The game, based upon the forthcoming novel by bestselling author Darren Reid, is a retro style point and click adventure that puts players into the heart of Reid's newest fictional universe. Entirely browser based The Broken Kingdoms has been optimized to run not only on PCs and Macs but also Nintendo Wii, DS, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

The beta preview gives players access to the game's central hub, Ardara Village, allowing them to explore the environment and solve a mini-quest designed specifically as an introduction to the game's puzzle solving dynamic. The Broken Kingdoms revolves entirely around puzzle solving, eschewing traditional combat, creating a game that is suitable for everyone to play.

Not only is The Broken Kingdoms suitable for all, it has been designed as a "casual" MMO, accessible to everyone who wishes to play no matter how much or how little experience they have. The point and click dynamic is simple and intuitive and the game's staff will be on hand, in-game, to offer advice to anyone struggling with the first quest. The chat features in the game also work to bridge formats meaning that players can interact and communicate with other players no matter what console or PC they are using to play. The only exception is the Nintendo DS which, due to the limitations of its browser, will have its own unique community interface which is due for launch with the full release of the game on June 24th.

About Darren Reid and Darren Reid is a best selling fantasy author currently readying two novels for publication this year. In addition to his debut bestseller, Lords of Darkness and Shadow, Reid also wrote the interactive Wizard of Oz prequel The Sword of Oz. grew out of Reid's free ebook library which offers a substantial series of free downloadable content for readers. launched in early 2007 and has expanded to include a number of notable and upcoming authors including D.A. Adams, Kim Silva, D.W. Goyette and Kyrinn Synthea Eis. titles are also being utilized by a number of magazines for inclusion on a number of upcoming cover discs including PlayStation World.

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