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Pocket God: Journey to Uranus

New episode offers yet more ways to torture pygmies.

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SAN FRANCISCO - February 10, 2011

Bolt Creative today announced the release of its first update for Pocket God: Journey to Uranus entitled Electric Booga Loo, a new episodic expansion for the premier Pygmy torture simulator. The new content is immediately available for download, at no charge, for those who own or purchase the title. Keeping in tradition with its iPhone predecessor, this latest addition to the PG world is the first of many free updates that are planned to come throughout the year.

Electric Booga Loo comes packed with plenty of features that players have come to love from the original iOS game, with new god powers and more ways to lay their Pygmies to eternal rest. Players will now be able to change between day and night on the fly and can do so on all planets currently available. On Earth, players can strike lightning upon their loyal subjects by moving their fingers from the sky to the ground. However, when doing the same motion on Uranus, a poison cloud is generated and suffocates the inhabitants. Other treats are in store for players, including a fire breathing dragon that rains havoc from the skies, ensuring that the new update will give players plenty of reason to sacrifice as many subordinates as possible.

To start torturing Pygmies in the final frontier, download Pocket God: Journey to Uranus at

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About Bolt Creative

Bolt Creative is a San Francisco-based developer creating original iPhone applications and games, including 2009’s blockbuster iPhone game Pocket God. Bolt Creative’s goal is to create games that are not only fun to play, but fun to develop and make them laugh. For more information, please visit

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