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Pocket God

Facebook version launches open beta.

Calling all gamers desiring ultimate power – your chance to unleash your most benevolent or malevolent wishes upon a race of unsuspecting life forms is here! Frima Studio, a leading and award-winning multi-platform game developer based in Quebec, announced today that Pocket God on Facebook is now in an open beta stage! Developed in conjunction with Bolt Creative, a San Francisco-based developer of original iPhone applications and games and creator of the original Pocket God phenomenon on the Apple App Store, Pocket God gives Facebook users never-before-seen abilities and hours of pygmy tormenting fun!

To play the open beta, all you need to do is head over to apps.facebook.com/pocketgod.

The Facebook version of Pocket God is being developed by Frima Studio and will feature a brand new way to experience the colorful, all-powerful and hilarious universe of Pocket God across the world’s most popular social network. Pocket God throws players into the role of an almighty deity, commanding a small island full of god-fearing followers who unquestionably bend to the user’s whim. Benevolent players can choose to feed and care for their subjects, while vengeful gods will have more fun pestering pygmies in a variety of wacky ways that have entertained players since the title’s iOS debut.

To partake in the beta, please visit apps.facebook.com/pocketgod. For further information and details, fans should stay tuned to the official Pocket God blog at http://pocketgod.blogspot.com/. For more information on Frima Studio, please visit www.frimastudio.com. For more information on Bolt Creative, please visit www.boltcreative.com.

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