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PMS Clan Member gets is #1 Pick in World's first Professional Video Game Draft


June 14, 2007

CONTACT: DANIEL LAO 321-276-3617

San Antonio, TX - Pandora's Mighty Solder's (PMS Clan), the world's largest group of competitive female videogame players, are proud to announce their own member, Vanessa "PMS Vanessa" Arteaga, was the world's first official draft pick for the Championship Gaming Series (CGS). This is a big step towards the legitimacy of women competitors in a league that is making concentrated efforts to attract a diverse portfolio of players.

The Championship Gaming Series (CGS) is the first gaming league to make professional video gaming a true sport by organizing franchises with general managers and holding an official draft of players (which took place at the Playboy Mansion this week in Los Angeles, California). Over 150 contestants battled in tournaments and challenges while completing interviews for a $30k+ salaried position playing videogames like CounterStrike Source, Project Gothem Racing, Dead or Alive 4 and FIFA Soccer. The series will now air live when it begins its exclusive run on DirecTV's original entertainment channel, The 101. The groundbreaking coverage will commence with the start of the CGS league on July 9 with two, 2-hour shows of new programming each week on The 101, leading up to the National Championships.

"I am honored and humbled to be the first pick in the draft," states Vanessa, "I will do everything in my power to help prove I was the right choice for the league and my amazing new San Francisco manager, Kat Hunter. I would also like to say thank you to PMS Clan and our sponsors Verizon FiOS and Patriot Memory, who have been supporting me for a year in professional game play in efforts to get me ready for this life-changing moment.

PMS Clan and their brother group H2O Clan also had many other notable members make it into the draft including Marjorie "Kasumi Chan PMS" Bartell Tanya "PMS Coolsvilla" Underwood, Erika "Skittles" Galegor, Emanuel "Master" Rodriguiz, Adande "Swoozie" Thorn, Cardell "Dave Cheppelle" Thomas, Barry "Double B" Brady, Yazan "clowN" and Ammari, Moe "mOE" Assad.

About PMS Clan:

Pandora's Mighty Soldiers' (PMS Clan Inc.) is a community-first organization whose mission is to provide a competitive and safe environment for women gamers. Founded in 2002, the group continues to be a powerhouse for women female gamers. Currently PMS Clan also houses around over 20 sponsored female and male players and teams under the Team PMS and Team H2O brands (a brother group form male gamers) in their continual efforts to get more women and men in professional gaming. PMS Clan has active divisions in almost every competitive title on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms, and is open to any female and male with positive attitudes. For more information on how to join, please visit the PMS and H2O Clan forums at

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