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PLuGG Girls vs. Guys Game Off

PMS Clan, SK Gaming Ladies and EG Ladies to take on the chaps.


San Antonio TX, November 13th 2008—Pandora's Mighty Soldiers (PMS Clan) announced today the creation of All-Star North American Female Counter Strike 1.6 team working with SK Gaming and Team EG for the South Africa's PLuGG Girls vs. Guys Game Off…where South African CS teams are getting a chance to battle online for a chance to win an trip to Johannesburg and play this illustrious team compliments of PLuGG, South Africa's newest broadband provider.

The All-Star Lineup for the event includes champion SK player Christine "potter" Chi, PMS newcomer and former SK and Emulate champion Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey, PMS member Dimitra "D1m" Deliopoulos, and Team EG players Catherine "CaTh" Leroux-Racette and Isabelle "Izza" Joanisse with event manager Amber "Athena Twin PMS" Dalton. The team will arrive in South Africa on November 24th for 2 days of media touring and a photoshoot, then compete at the main feature event against the winners of the PLuGG Girls vs. Guys Game Off at a huge event party and tournament on November 29th at Turbine Hall in Johannesburg.

"We are very excited for the girls to play at the Plugg Game Off and show that women can compete against the guys," states the team organizer and PMS Clan leader Amber Dalton. "Win or Lose, we are looking forward to bringing a new era of women in CS so there is no confusion that women have talent in gaming…and era where women will compete regularly in male bracket events as a norm, not a one-off occurrence."

What started off in South African forums and blogs as a "guys are better than girls" statement, there is no doubt this team was created specifically to finish the smack talk. Each player on the team has been chosen carefully to bring valuable skills and experience to the team…and show to show male gamers that female players are a force to be reckoned.

About the PMS Clan

Pandora's Mighty Soldiers (PMS Clan) is the world's largest competitive multi-platform online female gaming organization. Formed in 2002, their mission is to provide a fun, competitive and positive environment for female gamers. With over 600 females and thousands of male gamers across five continents, the PMS Clan and its male counterpart clan, H2O Clan, work hard to promote the idea of a more diversified competitive gaming landscape. Team sponsors include Alienware, ATI, Sapphire, Platronics, Patriot Memory and Pro Gamer.

About SK Gaming

SK Gaming is an international Multi-Gaming Clan, gathering together not only the top players of each gaming discipline but also nurturing upcoming talent and making them the stars of today. SK Gaming has been founded in 1997 under the name of "Schroet Kommando" in Oberhausen, Germany. Today, with offices in Cologne, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden along with a professional and innovative employee structure, SK Gaming has become a medium-sized business. Business areas include the management of professional eSports players, online community, sales of fan merchandise, and promotional events all over the world. More than 50 of today's top professional eSports gamers are with SK Gaming and the basis of the clans success. SK Gaming houses the reigning champions of the Female ESWC in Counter-Strike, WC3L in Warcraft3, ESL Pro Series in FIFA, Dutch LFS league in Live for Speed as well as a world-famous Counter-Strike team, and also a record-breaking WoW team.

About Team EG

Firmly embedded in the evolution of eSports worldwide, Team EG was first born over five years ago and is one of the oldest professional gaming organizations in North America. The EG name has always been known as one of the best in North America with players have competing and winning at the highest levels of competition in professional leagues and tournaments. Team sponsors include Intel, Razor, Kingston, and Killer.

About PLuGG

PLuGG is the broadband and internet services division of InternetSolutions specifically for home users. PLuGG is all about broadband as a starting point and gets you connected to your universe. Once there, Explore, then Share, and with your connection and services, you may even Create and make this universe a busier place!


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