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In-game community management toolmaker signs over 20 new partners, including Intel, Stratics, MMOABC and Blue Orb.

SANDPOINT, IDAHO – AUGUST 11, 2008 – PlayXpert, provider of next-generation in-game community management tools for all PC and MMO gamers, today announced it has signed over 20 new partners including Intel, Stratics, MMOABC, and Blue Orb. This closely follows partnerships announced with Vivox and Sony Online Entertainment.

PlayXpert’s customizable platform gives gamers, game developers, and the modding community the power to build new in-game widgets without the engineering challenge of developing in-game overlay. PlayXpert has published its widget Application Programming Interface (API) so that communities can build their own widgets.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates the value of PlayXpert widgets and the power of an ecosystem of companies who build them to cater to the player’s in-game experiences,” said Charles F. Manning, CEO of PlayXpert. “With twenty new partners in the past few weeks, the momentum behind our semi-transparent overlay system and our open and extensible widget engine is growing.”

Intel Partnership

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), the world leader in silicon innovation, will bundle the PlayXpert widget technology in its upcoming Mother Board, Intel Desktop Board DX58SO. This is the first Nehalem-supporting motherboard and targets elite gaming and performance enthusiast customers. The DX58SO will be commercially available in 3Q08.

“This is a very high profile launch because it is the first board to support the all new 45nm Nehalem architecture,” said Erik Cubbage, Product Manager, Intel Extreme Desktop Boards. “We wanted this new and exciting board to have the best-of-the-best user experience, so I searched for the best partnering accessory and software to complement the hardware. PlayXpert is just the type of high quality and innovative application Intel’s customers have come to expect.”

Stratics Partnership

Stratics, the leading provider of game related content including sites for World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, EVE Online, Everquest II, Warhammer Online, Star Wars Galaxy, and others, is scheduled to distribute a Signature Build of PlayXpert with the Stratics branding for its community.

Ryan Findley, founder and president of Stratics, commented, “The PlayXpert client is a unique and innovative means to deliver new and exciting content to our readers; bridging the gap between in-game client and online information resource has never been easier. We’re excited to offer a Stratics Signature Build of PlayXpert to our users.”

MMOABC Partnership

MMOABC is a premier Web 2.0 platform that provides an interactive environment that empowers gamers by letting them capture and share individual gaming experiences, build extensive communities, and stay current on industry news.

“MMOABC is very excited to partner with PLAYXPERT to offer next-generation in-game overlay technology which brings in community management toolset developed for our rapidly growing MMO gaming community,” said MMOABC co-founder and CEO Andy Tong about the partnership between the two companies. “The partnership between MMOABC and PlayXpert will give our gamers the opportunity to experience uninterrupted gaming excitement which aligns directly with our company mission and is also another step in empowering our gamers.”

Blue Orb Partnership

Blue Orb, creators of the popular SwitchBlade application which allows gamers to play PC games using an Xbox 360 controller, has developed a SwitchBlade widget allowing users to calibrate, auto-configure, and play games using the SwitchBlade software.

The PlayXpert installation, available for free download at, includes the PlayXpert Friends Widget, Vivox Voice Widget, Wikia Widget, Web Browser Widget, PC Diagnostics Widget, and a Tunes Widget. PlayXpert has also released a new Widget Gallery which allows users to download ancillary widgets developed by PlayXpert or the community. They include a Google Gadget Widget, Notepad Widget, Command Line Widget, TeamSpeak Widget, and an Armory Widget for WoW players.

PlayXpert will be in Booth 310 at the Austin Game Developer Conference Expo, September 16-17, 2008.

About PlayXpert

PlayXpert, LLC, is the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools for the PC and MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) market. Focused on delivering the technology gamers want to enrich their community experience, PlayXpert allows users to engage in their favorite activities (forum posts, chat, music control, or monitoring system diagnostics) while in-game. The PlayXpert client is a completely customizable platform that enables gamers to choose from a large variety of tools to enhance their gaming experience. For more information, please visit

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