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PlayStation YouTube channel launched

Sony's new outlet aimed at delivering video interviews and features to console fans worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced the launch of its own PlayStation branded YouTube channel, that will deliver video content to the platform's community worldwide.

Launching today, the PlayStation channel will offer fans access to new trailers and game footage, interviews with publishers and developers, share user-generated content and participate in promotions and contests.

The site will launch with more than 50 pieces of content available, including videos for SOCOM: US Navy Seals Confrontation, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, NBA '09: The Inside, and the PlayStation Network.

This news comes as Sports Interactive's studio boss, Miles Jacobson, commented to that YouTube, as well as other social networking and media sites, had been "incredibly successful" as marketing channels.

"The beauty of being able to use something like YouTube... is that we're able to reach a much wider audience," said Jacobson.

Sony further revealed that it planned to evolve the YouTube PlayStation channel over time, starting with features and promotions for its top games and eventually developing in a hub for user-generated content. The channel will also contain links that allow used to interact with the PlayStation website and blog.

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