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PlayStation Portable footage with Teej

United Games today announced that due to strict quality assurance, it didn't want to put shakey cam PlayStation Portable (PSP) game footage on its new DVD about the future of videogames, so has uploaded it online, ahead of launching its new website.

The DVD Video production, dubbed "What's Next?" features a documentary program into the future of videogames, as well as footage of games and hardware due both this Christmas, and into 2005, including exclusive PSP and Nintendo DS footage.

"We're trying to make this pretty damn class, but shakey cam PSP game footage just ain't good enough" commented editor Andrew Mehta, "So we've generously decided to throw it online instead."

The PSP sequence, features a soundtrack by UK HipHop artist Teej of Micology Music - namely the track Intricate Instruments. Teej has been described as:

"The UK HipHop Community coming of age" - Knowledge Magazine,

"One to watch" - DJ Magazine.

The PlayStation Portable montage contains footage from Wipeout Pure, and PSP Ridge Racer amongst others, and is available for free download at the following URL:


About United Games Media:

United Games Media was founded in 2004, by Mr AJ Mehta and Mr ACE Okell, to commercialise the activities of United Games - previously a non-profit, fan-made magazine distributed at independent retailers, that had been running since 1998.

United Games Media's first commercial product is "What's Next?", a DVD video documentary on the future of gaming, that benefits from United Games' experience in alternative games journalism.

United Games Media also encompasses United Games' Game eXtra Services, including VHS, DVD, Print, Advert Design, Web Design, and Content Licensing services. Previous clients include JoyStick Junkies, OPM Response, RetroCollector, Interactive Selection, R Muzik and Rowen Bridler.

Contact: Andrew Mehta

E-mail: Andrew@unitedgames.co.uk

United Games Website: www.unitedgames.co.uk

Game-eXtra Website: www.game-extra.co.uk

About Teej & Micology Music:

Micology: Hip-Hop, it's that multi-headed, multi-national beast. It's a scapegoat, an art form, an escape plan, a 'post modern, multi cultural, phenomena discuss' and all that bollocks, its big scary men swearing, shooting and all that bollocks. Let's get away from the backpackers and Gangsters, let's crush the preconceptions and subvert the Subdivisions, let's take it back to pure poetry and Study the microphone science.

Teej: Teej bursts on to the UK HipHop scene clutching a barrel load of fresh, imaginative lyrical styllistics. Intelligent and amusing poetry fused with a stomping array of original beats. Born and bred in Sheffield but now based in London, Teej is a rapper with a surreal style and a large vocabulary although he is a poor speller and cannot be trusted to proof read documents. Teej's 'Step in my Adventure' EP is available now from Micology Records - www.micology.co.uk

Micology's other artists include:

Dr Syntax: A stalwart of the ever evolving Brighton HipHop scene ( worked with Hp, appearred on Foreign Beggars LP 'Asylum Speakers', and records with Elemental, Nick Maxwell and Tom Caruana as The Menagerie )

Tom Caruana: ( worked with Skinnyman, M.U.D. Farm and Jehst, Breakin' Bread imprint, and his classic tune with Ahmos "Green Fingers" appeared on the Deadly Seven Inch Sins compilation ). Tom provides the funkiest slabs of pure beat perfection on the Step in My Adventure EP.


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