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PlayStation Network hits 25 million registered users

Users download over 500 million pieces of content to date as Sony ramps up more support

Sony's PlayStation Network has hit 25 million registered users worldwide according to latest figures, and over 500 million content downloads.

The PlayStation 3 and PSP Store currently boasts a library of over 200 games, 1900 films and 9000 TV shows as well as demos and trailers.

Recent PSone title Final Fantasy VII re-released though the store for PS3 and PSP alone clocked up over 100,000 downloads in the last two weeks, making it the most downloaded game on the service in North America.

Other classic PSone games that will shortly join the 40-plus already available include Wild Arms 2 and Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol, while Sony will also release new downloadable title Fat Princess later this year.

Following Final Fantasy VII as the most downloaded games in North America last week were Wolfenstein 3D, Bomberman ULTRA, Gunstar Heroes and Trash Panic.

The top five add-ons downloaded include two Call of Duty: World at War map packs, Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island and the LittleBigPlanet ICO costume pack.

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