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PlayStation London's Justin Der Gregorian has died

Studio says Blood & Truth senior producer was "hugely loved and his positivity has had a massive impact"

PlayStation London senior producer Justin Der Gregorian died over the weekend at the age of 44, the studio announced today.

"It's with great sadness that we are sharing our dear friend and Senior Producer, Justin Der Gregorian is no longer with us," the studio said on Twitter.

"Justin was hugely loved and his positivity has had a massive impact on our work at the studio as well as in our lives.

"We will remember him, always."

Over the past two decades, Der Gregorian's career in games spanned a number of developers and publishers, including THQ, Namco Bandai, Lionhead, and Climax.

At PlayStation London, Der Gregorian was senior producer on Blood & Truth and also contributed to Horizon 2: Forbidden West.

He had also worked previously on games in the Pac Man, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and de Blob franchises.

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