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Playstation 3 hacking contest : hack a PS3 to win a PS3.

Tokyo-based hosting network Shimpinomori.NET proposes an original challenge for all those who could not have their Playstation 3 for Christmas : the installed Linux on a PS3 and hooked on the internet, with a website running on it at http://ps3.shimpinomori.net/index_en.html announcing that the first to hack into it will... win the PS3!

The contest, running until next january, is open to every hacker on the planet, with a few common-sense rules : no "dirty" attacks, no messing with any other equipment than th PS3 itself. The first person to manage to replace the photo of the child shown on the site with another photo hidden inside the machine will be declared the winner, and the PS3 (which hard disk has been replaced with a beefy 160 GB SATA drive), with an HDMI cable, the game "Resistance" and -of course- Linux preinstalled, will be awarded and sent free of charge by EMS international.

Two words: good luck!

Shimpinomori is a private hosting company in no way affiliated with Sony.

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