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PlayStation 3

Firmware update 2.70 brings assorted new features.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced that system software update 2.70 for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) will be available on 2nd April 2009. The capabilities of PS3 are stepping up yet another gear with this new system software update that gives users even more of the features they’ve requested from the ever-evolving PS3 service. This update will give players more freedom to text chat, make music playback more satisfying and make the Internet more accessible. The system software update can be downloaded by selecting System Update icon under the Setting column on XMB™ (Xross Media Bar) – and is completely free.

Here are some of its key features:

Text chat: The update makes it easy to chat: just set up a chat room, select anyone from your Friends list and invite them in – they’ll see an icon in the corner of their screen and know they’re wanted in your chat room. Up to 16 people can join the same room to chat using a controller, a connected keyboard or a Wireless Keypad. You can even start a chat while you’re halfway through a game.

Dynamic Normaliser for music: When you’re listening to a music playlist, a sudden increase in volume between tracks can make you jump out of your skin. Not any more - thanks to the Dynamic Normaliser, which reduces the difference in volume levels between your tracks and makes for a smooth listening experience all the way.

Better control of the Internet: Want to know more about the game you’ve just downloaded? Simply find its icon in your menu and select ‘Internet Search’ – you’ll be taken straight online to search for information about it. The 2.70 update also allows you to cut and paste text from your Internet Browser as well as send message attachments up to 3MB in size.

Language fixes: If you’re Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, and Turkish, you’ll particularly like the 2.70 update: it makes the necessary additions to your Internet Browser that enables you to read the full range of letters and characters from your national alphabet.

The 2.70 update is the latest in a series of updates provided since launch to help users get more from PS3. SCEE is always working on ways to help PS3 users get the fixes and services they ask for. To find out about what’s in the next one – just watch this space. For more information, visit www.playstation.com.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), based in London, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and sales of PLAYSTATION®3, PlayStation®2, PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®Network software and hardware in 99 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. SCEE also develops, publishes, markets and distributes entertainment software for these formats, and manages the third party licensing programs for the formats in these territories. Since the launch of PLAYSTATION 3 in November 2006, over 21.3 million units have been sold globally and continue to be sold at a record level. Maintaining its position as one of the most successful consumer electronic products in history, PlayStation 2 has sold over 136.3 million systems worldwide. Since its launch at the end of 2004, over 50 million PSPs have been sold globally, highlighting the importance of the portable entertainment market. With the huge increase in interest and accessibility of network applications and network gaming, over 20 million accounts have registered to PlayStation Network, the free-to-access interactive environment, and over 380 million items have been downloaded.

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