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PlayJam's Such a Tease


London, Tuesday 31 August 2004

PlayJam, the UK's largest iTV games channel, has teamed up with Symbiosis Media to offer publishers and developers a unique marketing package for driving awareness of new PC, console and mobile game launches.. Available on all digital TV platforms (Sky, NTL, Telewest), PlayJam reaches 2.2 million viewers every month in the UK, providing the perfect marketing partner for new titles.

Each new release can now have its very own pay-to-play teaser version of the game developed as a marketing tool on PlayJam, plus dedicated competitions and advertising to promote the retail version of the game. As well as serving as a complement to existing communications and online viral campaigns, the publisher's own pre-launch marketing can include a call-to-action to push traffic back to PlayJam, thereby further increasing pay-to-play revenues which can be reinvested back into marketing,

PlayJam has already run a number of successful campaigns, including a launch partnership campaign for VU Games / Rebellion's release of Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death. The teaser mini-game on PlayJam entitled Judge Dredd: Zombie Invasion was a top-down first-person zombie shooter designed by PlayJam as a cross-promotional tool for the full game retail release. The game, which was promoted via outdoor and specialist press advertising, ran for 3 months on PlayJam and was further supported by a competition and interstitials to win Judge Dredd merchandise on the channel.

Any publishers who partner with PlayJam could also utilise the on-screen advertising to push a range of new release or back catalogue titles which may not otherwise enjoy TV advertising support and when you consider that - unlike most advertising opportunities - publishers also receive a slice of revenue as a return on the marketing at no extra expense, this has to be one of the most efficient marketing opportunities available!

PlayJam is interested in hearing from any publishers or developers with IP available for the channel. For further details please contact Symbiosis Media on 020 8405 3434.

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About PlayJam

PlayJam was the first iTV games channel to launch in the UK, and has subsequently launched channels in the US and France. A selection of games are available to play on the channel, which change weekly. PlayJam is available on all digital and cable TV platforms (Sky, Telewest and NTL).

- Monthly channel reach 2.2m

- Up to 4.5 million gameplays/month per game

- Broad audience base from 4-55 yrs

- 55:45 male:female audience

About Symbiosis Media

Symbiosis Media is the leading independent games media specialist liaising between games publishers/developers and advertisers identifying and delivering opportunities for brands to utilise interactive entertainment within their communications mix. Working comprehensively across all platforms, including PC, console, mobile, web, iTV, DVD, services include:

- Product placement & advertising within games

- Third-party partnership marketing with brands

- Advertiser-funded games

- Sales promotion campaigns

- Advertising and branded games on iTV

- Licensing

For further information please contact:

Symbiosis Media Ltd.

t: 020 8405 3434

Lou Fawcett

Managing Partner

m: 07775 753 147


Maryam Bazargan

Managing Partner

m: 07771 590 165


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