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Players Only with Scott Steinberg

Sixth episode (they're really flying by) focuses on the comic book, film and recording industries' role in games.

PORTLAND, OR (May 9, 2008) – Technology supersite Digital Trends ( today announced the availability of episode six of Internet video show “Players Only with Scott Steinberg,” which investigates the comic book, film and recording industries’ growing influence upon, and overwhelming integration with, this generation’s most successful video games.

Created and produced by Digital Trends and available for free download and viewing at, the latest installment in the 10-episode PC and video game series discovers why, despite abortive attempts by Hollywood and the music biz to play nicely with video games since the very beginning, these multibillion-dollar fields of entertainment are finally starting to succeed in the interactive space. Also explored are the process through which hit TV shows/movies become hit games, the secret to adapting properties for the small screen and why today’s biggest releases are beginning to rival summer blockbusters in terms of both sheer production values and cinematography...

Covering topics ranging from the art of video games to professional gaming, indie gaming, casual games, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360, new episodes of “Players Only” will debut online at every Friday from April 4-June 6, 2008. Hosted by Get Rich Playing Games author and noted industry expert Scott Steinberg, the show’s initial season will also feature appearances by icons such as Sid Meier, Ken Levine, Denis Dyack, Warren Spector, Lorne Lanning, David Perry and Peter Molyneux. All episodes will additionally be free to download and embed on websites, video networks and other forms of electronic distribution.

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