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Player X hits the right notes with LYRIC EMI mobile game

Mobile media company Player X has partnered with Hollywood Gaming and EMI Music Publishing for a new mobile game that incorporates the lyrics of EMI's best known songs.

The mobile venture, known as LYRIC EMI will be released globally across Player X's network. The company presently has direct deals with more than 90 operator partners that have a combined audience of more than two billion people.

Content for the mobile game which runs along the 'hangman' game principle, includes lyrics from EMI Music Publishing's catalogue of artists that include Queen, Sting, the Motown hits, Rolling Stones and Scissor Sisters.

The music game has mass-market appeal with its simple pick-up-and-play format and features the lyrics from EMI's music catalogue. Its casual gameplay and emotive "remember that lyric" concept is ideal for the mobile space.

A range of products featuring the LYRIC EMI brand will roll out across Q2 and Q3, and Player X will further invigorate the game by launching a Skills With Prizes version in Q4.

"We're delighted to be working with EMI Music Publishing at the start of their new franchise launch. The mobile game taps into EMI's rich catalogue and the simple gameplay will have broad appeal similar to the success of our TV Gameshows such as Family Fortunes and Bullseye", said Tony Pearce, Player X CEO.

"Lyric EMI is a unique and new consumer-facing brand for EMI music Publishing. Lyrics are a powerful and emotive art form often evoking memories from the key moments in life. We're delighted that the power of a lyric has been captured in the gameplay and believe that this offers an innovative and unrivalled game proposition," added Jonathan Channon, SVP Media and Business Development, EMI Music Publishing.


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About Player X

Player X is a mobile media company that specialises in games, video and TV. It develops, publishes and distributes mobile entertainment content through global operators, portals and handset manufacturers.

Player X has direct deals with more than 85 global operators and a potential audience of 1.8 billion people. The company operates in all five continents across the world and has offices in all the key territories in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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