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Atari, Capcom, CodeMasters and THQ among publishers signed up for TV games on demand system.

NEWS ALERT - 10 MARCH 2010 –

On 10 March 2010, at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), in San Francisco, California, Playcast-Media announced its partnerships with some of the industry’s top publishers of video games. These partnerships include Atari, Capcom, CodeMasters, THQ as well as independent publishers including DDI, Strategy First and Zushi.

‘Content is the driver of this business and we’re committed to delivering the best titles around.’ Alon Shtruzman, COO, Playcast-Media.

These partnerships will enable Playcast-Media to offer a diverse portfolio of high-end games including current as well as back catalogue titles targeting a whole range of demographics: children, family, casual and hardcore gamers.

Playcast’s system uses groundbreaking new technology to deliver PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 quality games, on demand, to ordinary Cable or Telco set top boxes via standard cable telephone lines. ‘Playcast-Media represents a quantum leap for gaming on demand,’ says Guy De Beer, CEO of Playcast. ‘While Cable TV systems currently offer only rudimentary games at best, Playcast marks the start of a new generation of game distribution. Finally, the TV space and real games unite to deliver exciting new ways of reaching users’.

Playcast-Media offers the first Games-On-Demand technology for Cable and IPTV providers in the world. Later this Spring it will be launched in Israel through Hot Cable. At present this new technology is engaged in active trials with some of Europe’s leading IPTV providers and cable networks.

‘The combination of Playcast-Media’s unique streaming technology and a diverse portfolio of high-quality game titles enables us to offer a robust and highly attractive all-in-one gaming solution to millions of Cable and IPTV customers. This offers a massive additional distribution channel for games publishers.’ Guy de Beer, CEO, Playcast-Media.

For the first time in television history, players will be able to play their favourite video games directly from their TV set without a gaming console and without the need to go to a retail outlet to physically purchase a video game. As well as having a huge range of games to choose from, consumers will never get their wires crossed again.

This proven technology uses ultra high-speed processing to handle off-the-shelf games and distribute the game’s audio visual output as digital video. The technology has already been in successful operation on a live cable system and the high quality end-user experience has been validated by experts and gamers alike. The Playcast system also allows for seamless integration between TV and games; this in turn will bring wide-ranging new business opportunities for publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.

Not only that, this unique system requires no changes to the cable network, the customer’s on-site equipment (set-top boxes) or the games themselves. Playcast-Media is a complete gaming service solution for Cable and IPTV operators. It brings next-generation IP owners to hundreds of millions of connected households with the added benefit of established billing, customer care and support systems already in place via the cable operators themselves.

‘Hundreds of millions of games-on-demand transactions are made every single day, so the potential in bringing this volume of business to publishers and allowing them to capitalise on their back catalogues is very significant,’ comments Playcast COO & President of Media, Alon Shtruzman.

‘We need to keep in mind that for the user, it’s a whole new ball game, literally - imagine watching a football match on a cable sports channel and being able to trigger a version of FIFA or Pro Evolution featuring the same teams at the touch of a button. With our console-free service and cost effective pricing models our target audience goes way beyond the hard-core gamers.’

The Playcast service has been in a closed pilot with a tier-1 international operator since February 2008 with extensive market research and dedicated focus groups confirming the console quality of experience. The service is scheduled to launch throughout Israel later this Spring. Playcast is in advanced evaluation phases with the world's leading Cable and IPTV operators and will be reaching major markets in the US, Europe and Asia later this year.

Playcast Media is a privately held, start-up company based in Israel and London, UK. The company was founded by Guy de Beer, a telecom and Cable veteran, previously head of Harmonic's VOD product lines and Dr. Nathan Peterfreund, previously the principal scientist in Harmonic [NASDAQ: HLIT], and one of the authors of the acclaimed H.264 compression standard. Alon Shtruzman, a seasoned media executive, who held senior positions at Fox International Channels is Playcast’s COO and President of Media.

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