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Play Ten at GC

White Gold, Battle for Atlantis, The Wall, Precursors to be aired in Leipzig.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (August 7th, 2008) – Moscow-based software entertainment publisher and developer Play Ten Interactive (PTI), today announced that they will be attending the 2008 Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany from August 20th to August 23rd.

They will be showcasing 4 of their ‘Big titles’ in Leipzig – Precursors and White Gold for 360 and PC, they will be also showing for the first time playable console demos of ‘Battle for Atlantis’ and ‘The Wall’, both of which are due to be released on Xbox 360 and PC in 2009.

White Gold.

Genre: RPG/FPS


Developer: Deep Shadows

Year 2010, a small Caribbean country. The main part of the island is aflame with revolt. The Government Army tries to quash an uprising, powerful drug cartels are trying to decimate the Indians, and the whole population is being indiscriminately slaughtered by criminal gangs. This boiling pot, however typical for Latin America, is rapidly nearing an explosion. The main hero of the game is entrusted with a task to uncover some dark secrets, to investigate a few disappearances, and to stay alive above all.

White Gold: A high quality dynamic RPG/FPS mix which offers a rich scenario in addition to the non-stop action. The FPS engine capable of working seamlessly with hundreds of square miles of open terrain, an extensive physics system, clever AI and free gameplay are combined with a character development system, realistic in-game economy, hundreds of quests and hundreds of NPCs.

The title is a finalist of Intel’s Game Demo 2008 contest and will be released in Russia/CIS in October 2008.

Battle for Atlantis.

Genre: RTS


Developer: WorldForge

The last war on the planet erupted when people found the ancient civilization of Atlantis which has been concealed at the ocean bottom for ages. Humans have underestimated the power of Atlanteans and thus the war takes place in the middle of ultimate elemental disasters – hurricanes and floods. The remains of regular troops are trying to stand up against the army of Atlanteans; this army consists of giant dinosaur-reptiles that have been tamed and fully controlled by bionic mages of Atlantis.

The game is being made by the team responsible for “Ancient Wars: Sparta”, but has a new and very powerful engine with a full Xbox360 support. For the first time in the history of RTS, a full physical model of water space will be created in the game. Real waves and tsunamis, floods and destruction of the landscape by water, river flows and waterfalls, splendid underwater effects – all this gives an enormous scope of creation and makes the game world of Atlantis as real as never before.

The title is the first Xbox360 RTS to come out of Russia and is scheduled for a release in October 2009.

The Wall.

Genre: Action


Developer: Burut CT

The Wall is a social First Person Action, where the main part of the gameplay happens on the streets of a modern city where the population has rebelled against the authorities.

The player can take part in the revolts and even provoke them, lead the furious crowds and perform a lot of other similar actions. “The Wall” is an intuitive Action game, throwing the player straight into the midst of a popular disturbance caused by ecological disasters. Player can control huge crowds indirectly, which keeps the gameplay as simple and dynamic as possible. Fighting in the game is an unique system of hand-to-hand combat, based on authentic martial arts moves.

Open gameplay of “The Wall” allows the player to do a lot of different things – cause revolts, control crowds, hijack vehicles and public transport, use global surveillance system and so on

The title is the first one in Russia using Emergent’s Gamebryo engine, and is scheduled for a release in December 2009.


Genre: RPG/FPS/Space Sim

Site :

Developer: Deep Shadows

In Precursors the players take on the role of a young fighter pilot who immediately becomes embroiled in a tumultuous war that will engulf the cosmos. Using an assortment of crushing weapons and perks, ranging from organic guns use to buggy driving, the player and his three teammates will set out to uncover a secret of ancient races that threatens the balance of powers in the galaxy.

Twelve beautiful and detailed planets, a variety of space ships, flyers and other vehicles, and a host of weapons ranging from standard plasma rifles to bizarre spider cannons, are among the features that make “The Precursors” unique. A well-balanced blend of role-playing engagement and dynamic FPS-style action in a completely open world are characteristic for “The Precursors.” The thrill of exploring space, leading adventures on faraway planets and fighting in merciless wars between rival galactic empires makes for a compelling experience.

The title is a finalist of Intel’s Game Demo 2008 contest and will be released in Russia/CIS in March 2009.

About Play Ten Interactive:

Play Ten Interactive (PTI) is an independent publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software for PC and consoles. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals and is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. PTI worldwide partners include developers such as Burut Creative Team, Deep Shadows and WorldForge, publishers such as CDV Software Entertainment, JoWood, Nobilis Group, Strategy First, and edutainment software producers such as Riverdeep and Phenomedia. Successfully releasing over 40 titles in 2 years, PTI is all set for a further expansion in its gaming branch. For more information, please visit

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