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Play Sunshine - Brainbox Quizmaster series

iPhone triv games get a 75 per cent price cut.

The Brainbox Quizmaster series consists of five quiz games and the new price of $1 will drive a lot of sales and will attract many new iPhone users to download the games and enjoy them.

The games are both fun and educational, helping the user to have a pleasing gaming experience and also gain new knowledge on the subjects covered the games. Let Professor Brainbox take you by the hand in each of the five journeys into geography, history, football/soccer, movies and music, each game featuring tens of thousands of questions! Each game has 20 different single and multi-player modes in which you can tune up your facts, team up or compete with your friends. The titles, which are some of the most popular on the iPhone in the quiz games category, also features a bunch of exciting sub-game modes and questions in three difficulty categories so you can not only test, but also vastly extend your knowledge in the world.

Brainbox Quizmaster Geography Quiz Game

With questions pertaining to different world-wide geographic categories, Brainbox Quizmaster Geography puts your knowledge to the ultimate test. Do you know what type of island Java is? Do you know where you’ll find the Rio Grande or which European mountain is the highest? Or do you know what the capital of Holland is, which is the biggest ocean and which river is longer, the Amazon or the Nile? How much do you know about the world you live in?

Brainbox Quizmaster History Quiz Game

A wise man said once that, in order to understand the present, we need to know the past. Professor Brainbox is happy to take you on an adventure, a journey of discovery into the past, to learn about the people who changed the world with their visions and decisions, the places where major events happened and the battles, treaties and politics these triggered.

Brainbox Quizmaster Football Quiz Game

Brainbox Quizmaster Football tests and extends your knowledge on the beautiful game with thousands of questions combinations based on almost 100 different question types! Featuring 20 different game modes for single player, multi-player and team games modes, each in three difficulty levels, Brainbox Quizmaster Football is the true test for every football fan or armchair pundit.

Brainbox Quizmaster Movies Quiz Game

There are films that we fall in love with, older ones or newer ones, actors and actresses that have became our idols. Have fun learning more about them with huge amounts of questions and answers about actors and actresses, movies, directors and famous quotes. Do you know which movie character said: “You talking to me?” To whom? In what movie? And what was the name of the actor? Indulge in your passion for films and share it with your friends with a little help from Professor Brainbox.

Brainbox Quizmaster Music Quiz Game

Great music lasts forever … Keep up with the music that inspire and comforts – and rocks! Check the facts you know and learn new things with Brainbox Quizmaster Music! Tens of thousands of questions about musicians, the bands they form, the instruments they use to charm us and the songs that have made history.  Let Professor Brainbox take you on big world tour with your favourite artists. Are you enough of a music lover to beat Brainbox Quizmaster Music?

“We are pleased to be able to bring our popular quiz games to more users with the reduced special price,” added Richard M Holmes, CEO, “There is an unbelievable amount of knowledge in there for one dollar a piece!”

The products are being sold through the Apple AppStore by Play Sunshine's partners Last Legion Games. All the Brainbox Quizmaster titles are being sold at $1.00, €0.79 and £0.69.

For additional information on Play Sunshine and its products, including product information and demos, please contact Mr. Vili Bageag, PR Manager, on email vili@playsunshine.com, phone +40 771 716 080. Play Sunshine can be followed on the company Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/playsunshine. For more details about Brainbox Quizmaster series for iPhone, please visit: http://www.newgameoutlet.eu

ABOUT PLAY SUNSHINE – Play Sunshine (UK) Ltd is based in Aylesbury, England, and has a development office in central Bucharest, Romania. Play Sunshine is a developer and publisher of computer and video games and entertainment on PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and on online platforms such as Facebook. 

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