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Play Chess Against the World Computer Chess Champion

For Immediate Release

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen has released Shredder Classic v. 1.1, a professional computerized chess game for Windows that is easy for beginners, and challenging for advanced players. Since 1996, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen's Shredder program has won nine titles as World Computer Chess Champion.

Shredder Classic combines extremely powerful chess play with an easy-to-use mouse or keyboard interface. The program comes with four different sets of chess pieces and boards, in both 2D and 3D formats. Shredder Classic has a built-in chess coach who is aware of the mistakes that you're making, and who suggests more effective moves.

Shredder Classic features an open protocol between the user interface and chess engine, allowing players to load up to ten chess engines simultaneously, and play against them. These chess engines differ in their playing style, and allow you to hone your chess skills by playing against a number of different opponents.

The level of play can be adjusted to any chess-playing strength, so that everyone can find a challenging chess partner. Shredder Classic keeps track of each game's moves, and can automatically create an annotated record of the game play, including comments on mistakes that you have made.

The program's Endgame Oracle gives you access to endgame databases. Extensive training, documentation, and analysis tools are provided. Shredder Classic's interface is available in German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Integrated online help is available in German and English.

Whether you're a beginning chess player who wants to be coached as your skills develop, an intermediate player who wants an ever-increasing challenge from a powerful opponent, or an advanced player who wants to study endgames and practice your skills against multiple powerful chess engines, Shredder Classic has the tools that you need.

Shredder Chess v. 1.1 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003, costs $29.95(US) or 29.95 Euros, and may be purchased securely online at http://www.shredderchess.com/. Registered users can download a chess opening book with more than 1.2 million chess moves. Written by Italian chess expert Sandro Necchi, this database is available without charge. Multi-user licenses are available to schools and clubs. You can download a free, 30-day test version of this world champion chess program from the same web address. For more information, contact Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Golzheimer Str. 105, 40476 Dusseldorf, Germany Phone: +49-211-5150893 Email: info@shredderchess.com Internet: http://www.shredderchess.com/.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

Contact: Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, +49-211-5150893, info@shredderchess.com

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