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Play Arithmogriph 2.0 to Improve Your Brainpower and Have Fun!

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Vienna, Austria - May 3, 2005: Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions is proud to announce today the release of Arithmogriph 2.0, the new version of a logic training electronic puzzle. The program generates mathematical puzzles that can be solved by thinking logically. The puzzle consists of three horizontal and three vertical equations in which the numbers are replaced by symbols. Each term in the equation consists of a three-digit number. The player's objective is to discover the number that each symbol represents. A solution grid assists the player in the process of solving the puzzle.

In 2003 Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions have already released a freeware-version with much less functionality. In Arithmogriph 2.0 you can use bookmarks to save your solution status and reload it later. You can save the whole game, develop competitive ability by playing over a network against other human opponents. Arithmogriph can not necessarily be played on a computer. You can use the option of printing puzzles as well as the puzzles solutions which can be printed on a separate page or beneath each puzzle.

Arithmogriph 2.0 is a perfect way to improve your brain power and develop your logical thinking. Whether you attend a school, college, or work in an office, Arithmogriph will deliver excitement and challenge that will never run away. The main secret and the most attractive feature of the puzzle is that there is no general formula, in most cases you will have to analyze different options and dwell on constellation-based peculiarities to solve the puzzle. Finding out new ways to find the solution adds to the game attraction.

"All the puzzles available can be solved by thinking logically," says Thomas Freissler, CEO of Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions. Everything that at the beginning may seem to be impossible to solve can be learned with training and practice. Use some minutes every day to train your logical and mathematical abilities by solving Arithmogriph and very soon you will realize that everything just seems to be impossible."

Availability and Pricing

Arithmogriph 2.0 runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and costs $13 (USD). When you start Arithmogriph for the first time, the program will attempt to get a 30-day test license via the Internet. A one-way encrypted identifier will be transmitted to request the license. You can only request one test license per computer. A fully functional evaluation version of the game can be downloaded at (5.9 Mb).

About Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions

Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions is a software development company based in Austria. The company was founded in 1999 by software engineer Thomas Freissler. We specialize in interactive entertainment software. Our catalogue sports such shareware and freeware titles as MP3 Frog, CoolVB, Alles im Koffer, and Arithmogriph. For more information, please visit


Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions is located at Zanaschkag 12/20/24,

1120, Vienna, Austria

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Contact: Thomas Freissler

Company: Thomas Freissler Software & Solutions


Phone: 0043 6991 9230234

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