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Plant Tycoon To Let Budding Botanists Grow a Leafy Enterprise

San Francisco, Calif.-- Jul 09, 2007-- Last Day of Work (LDW), an independent game studio specializing in sophisticated casual games for the mainstream player, today announced that the seeds have been sown for Plant Tycoon in PC and Mac varieties. An all-new version of the award-winning handheld game, this virtual gardening simulation game will let players breed and crossbreed plants while they search for six magic plants and build from a simple backyard garden to a lavish nursery empire.

As with the company's other hit games, Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers, part of the fun and mystery of Plant Tycoon is that gameplay is in real-time, so plants grow and things happen even when you aren't at your computer playing.

Plant Tycoon 1 "When you work so hard to nurture and grow something, it's exciting to come back again and again and see how it changes," said Arthur Humphrey, founder and CEO of LDW. "It's that element of surprise that makes our games unique and adds a little bit of reality to the simulation."

Other features of Plant Tycoon include:

Dozens of seed varieties, plant species and gardening tools to work with. A wide variety of collectible insects. New ways to organize your budding business. Gorgeous, all new artwork with detailed dynamically-generated plants. Numerous purchasable items allow players to customize their nursery with fountains, statuettes, and more. A well-stocked gardening lab offers new chemicals for fun experimentation. Introducing pruning to customize the look of your creations. Original soundtracks and ambient sound effects.

Plant Tycoon is expected to be available for download in September 2007 with an estimated price of U.S. $19.95.

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About Last Day of Work

Last Day of Work (LDW) is an independent game studio specializing in sophisticated casual games for the mainstream player. Since 2004 the company has lovingly crafted several highly successful real-time "Virtual Life" simulation games including Fish Tycoon® and the Virtual Villagers® series for platforms including PC, Mac, Palm OS and Windows Mobile TM Pocket PC. LDW's games are easy to pick up and play while at the same time providing more in-depth and complex gameplay than the typical casual game.

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