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Planet TFX Launches Quake 3 Fortress Extreme

Quake III Fortress Xtreme has been finally released! Are you tired of newer games that look great, but do not perform as expected? Are you wanting to play a great "Old Shcool" shooter that may bring back some memories? Well, look nofurther! The staff of PlanetTFX.com has fixed and modded the original Q3F1H to bring this type of gameplay back to life again!

"First impressions on q3fx : The additional maps are definitely a nice touch... great choices too...border, sq1, ....the minor fixes ...make a big difference genius idea to include a readme to easily customize one's gren timers

I was a fan of q3f 1h (even though i only played it after q3f2.x had been released, hence, nobody played q31h)" Said [dk]decky a member of Planet TFX.

There are 2 servers available to play Q3FX on: #Plusnet Q3FX and Slashquit Q3FX..

For more info:

Visit: www.planettfx.com

Contact: mulletman@planettfx.com

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