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Planet Calypso

Mindforce feature returns in latest update to "real money" MMOG.

Göteborg, Sweden - June 11, 2010 - First Planet Company, developer and publisher of the largest real money Massively Multiplayer Online Game, announced today the newest version is available for download. This update brings back one of the game's most loved features, Mindforce.

Scientists on Planet Calypso have unlocked the mental and physical depths of the human mind, and discovered ways of stimulating inactive parts of the brain. By adding external Mind Essence energy to boost these powers, new abilities have emerged with a force unlike anything ever experienced. In the darker ages, Mankind would have referred to it as magic but in the era of science it has been given the name Mindforce. Devices can enhance and fuel Mindforce with the energy and these devices are small enough to be implanted in the head. Mindforce is said to be the tool of the future and is considered by many as the next step in human evolution.

The MindForce powers are unlocked by inserting the right Power Chip into an implant. MindForce Power Chips belong to one of several different categories, some cause damage, some heal, while others are defensive and protect players from harm. Some of the different chip categories available are:

Damage Chips inflict different kinds of electric, combustive or cryogenic damage on the target.

Heal Chips are used to heal avatars. Synchronization Chips increase a player's concentration period allowing them to resist interruption. Translocation Chips allow avatars to travel great distances in no time using teleportation technology. Regeneration Chips allow the MindForce user to heal and resurrect dead avatars. The Power Chips have different potency levels, indicating how effective they are.

Other Update Features:

General Visual and UI

Estate UI has received a graphics upgrade. Centered ammo icon in the Dashboard UI. Fixed issue with other avatars, that has not yet been rendered, that appears to shot in a direction other than the real one.

Mindforce Visual and UI

Updated Synthetic and Light Mind Essence icons. Enhanced visual effects when inserting chips with the implant inserter. Disabled flickering light when switching Mindforce chips. Disabled light effect when having wormhole chip equipped but not activated. A wormhole is now opened after the yellow ball effect. The rings in the effect visualizing the wormhole now looks the same on both sides (origin and destination). Improved animation when using resurrect chip. Improved correlation of chip effect and avatar movement when using a strike chip. In the auction, moved some misplaced Mindforce skill implants, to the Mindforce category. Added message "Awaiting response", due to that the Friend UI is blocked, when waiting for friend to respond to the wormhole request. The digit in the tool tip showing Mindforce synchronization is expanded to show 2 decimals.

First Planet Company is the developer and publisher of Planet Calypso, the largest real economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world. Players have the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs. Its innovative real money economy uses a virtual currency which has a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. This allows players to deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on Calypso or in the real world. It is also the first MMORPG to use CryTek's stunning CryENGINE 2 for amazing graphics and physics. Planet Calypso is the oldest planet in the Entropia Universe and is free to download.

Planet Calypso is a free download available at the game's website, www.planetcalypso.com.

About First Planet Company

First Planet Company AB is a subsidiary of the MindArk Group. First Planet Company AB develops and markets Planet Calypso, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Entropia Platform, and is part of the Entropia Universe. Set in a distant future, the planet Calypso is home to an expanding human colony struggling with the natural and economic elements involved in establishing their new civilization.

For more information on First Planet Company (FPC) and Planet Calypso please contact us at the numbers above or go to our website at http://www.planetcalypso.com

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