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Plain Sight

A guide to the various game modes of Beatnik Games's multiplayer arcade game, coming to Steam shortly.

LONDON, ENGLAND – March 11th 2010 – In advance of its upcoming release on March 22nd Beatnik Games, an independent game development studio, are revealing more details on the myriad of game modes for their labour-of-love debut Plain Sight, set to release via Steam and other digital download platforms priced at $9.99.

First up are ‘ Deathmatch’ and ‘ Team Deathmatch’ where players have to battle up to 20 robot opponents for their energy. The more energy they accumulate the bigger, better and more badass they become, but this also makes them more of a target. To convert the energy into round winning points players have to blow themselves up, with each enemy taken out in the blast multiplying the score. Risk and reward baby!

Next, the uniquely titled ‘ Ninja! Ninja! Botzilla!’ has a team of tiny ninjas work together to bring the gargantuan Botzilla down to size. Easier said than done!

Lighten Up’ is a time-based turf war mode in which players must detonate on a glowing target area with as much energy as possible; the best detonation collects the points for that round.

Rounding things off there is the familiar favourite ‘ Capture the Flag’, the usual rules still apply but with that self-destructive Plain Sight panache!

That should keep you all busy for awhile!

Key Features:

• 13 multiplayer maps

• Battle up to 20 players

• 5 self-destructive gameplay modes, ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Ninja! Ninja! Botzilla’, ‘Lighten Up’, ‘Team Deathmatch/Weakest Clink’ and ‘Capture The Flag’

• In-game power-ups

• 30 different robot upgrades to spend your experience points on

• Perfect your skills against AI ninja robots in the offline practice mode

• Dedicated server software included

For more on Plain Sight please visit the official website at and the official Steam Store page at

For press inquiries and interview requests please contact:

Simon Callaghan



Tel; +44 (0)203 176 0139

Mob; +44 (0)7867 514554

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