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Plain Sight

3D multiplayer robot action from London inviting beta sign-ups.

London, England, Present day – Beatnik games, an Independent developer based in central London, are pleased to announce that the beta signup to their first game – Plain Sight – has begun.

“This is a call to anyone interested in annihilating robots with a sword whilst they bounce around a tiny planetoid, but also that wish to help a out a small developer to test their first title.” said studio head, Robin Lacey

Small Indie developers can’t even afford to buy themselves a Turkey for Christmas, which means helping them to test their game will allow you to enjoy robot based multiplayer action, and feel warm and fuzzy inside at the same time - so sign up and help to test one of the most unheard of games you’ll hear about today.

Beta testing will begin before Christmas and continue through into January. Everyone is welcome to come along and show us how to play our own game.

About Plain Sight

Plain Sight is a 3D multiplayer arcade game with robots; robots who bounce around cityscapes on mini planetoids and wield swords which are used to destroy one another.

Destroying another robot makes you bigger, stronger, better… a different colour.

It also gives you points.

Spoiler: You can’t keep the points until you kill yourself.

- Robots!

- Swords!!

- Explosions!!!

- Oh my!

Plain Sight is scheduled for launch in early 2009, with a price point under £10.

About Beatnik Games

Plain Sight is developed by an independent game studio based in central London, called Beatnik games - a small team of six people working in a shoe box sized room with no air-conditioning.

“We’re lucky” says studio head Robin Lacey “our investors get no influence on our output, and we aren’t tied into any hellacious publishing contracts, which leaves us able to do what we love best - creating innovative and fun games for our fellow gamers to play… and drinking coffee.”


The folks at Beatnik are now available for interviews, Q&As etc, and more assets can be provided upon request. If you’d like to speak to us, we’d love to hear from you, so just send a mail to

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