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Placar Cup

iPhone soccer from Brazil with stylized 3D graphics.

São Paulo, October 22th, 2010

Copa Placar is a unique and entertaining soccer game with incredible 3D graphics, premiere soundtrack and sound effects, and free, simple and intuitive gameplay, especially designed for iPhone, iPad and Web Browser, providing a fantastic soccer experience.

Besides the several conquests around the game, your main objective is to win the Placar Soccer Cup. Therefore, you must face 5 distinct teams, which become more competitive throughout the competition. Your charts relies on a direct match mode, that is, if you lose one unique match, you must restart all the tournament over again.

The game was completely modeled in 3D, using a very charicatural language, with expressive colors and animations. Various effects like slow motion, ball trail and particles enrich the visual quality of the game.

The lively crowd transforms the whole stadium in a real pothole, participating actively in the game, singing and vibrating to each move or shot, and finally exploding when a team scores the goal!

Its gameplay was designed to get the best of each platform. In case of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the controls are simple and intuitive. Moving the player gives you a freedom of movement of 360 degrees. Also, the characters’ speed varies according to screen touch.

Passes and shots can be performed by means of two virtual buttons – the shot can be loaded to get its maximum power, just by holding down the button, reducing considerably the goalkeeper’s chances to grab the ball.

There are 7 teams for you to choose and each one of them has 4 players, including the goalkeeper. Copa Placar is a very dynamic game; there are no fouls, throw ins or goal kicks. You can use the lateral boards to pass the ball or shoot. 

The artificial intelligence is competitive and has 10 difficulty levels that can be set in game’s options. In this manner, the game becomes an interesting challenge, both for casual and hardcore players, offering lots of fun.

There are several achievements to be conquered: from long and fast balls to great scores with super shots, shots on the boards - to backstroke the ball and make incredible goals - and more. The more you play, the more you want to face the challenge and increase the difficulty.

When conquering some of the most important achievements in the game, you can post your victories on Twitter and/or Facebook via Openfeint, the most popular social network for mobile games.

Check out this great release and prepare yourself to kick off and score! The game is full of challenges and fun.

Download now: print the PDF paper craft of the game’s mascot, cut and mount, clicking on the link below.

Customer: Abril Digital

Creation and Development: OvniStudios

More info:

Web Browser Version:



Seller:  Abril Digital

Development and Production:

Price:  U$1,99

iPhone Download (Brazilian Store):

iPhone Download (World Wide Store):

iPad Download (Brazilian Store):  Soon

iPad Download (World Wide Store):  Soon

Play Online Version:

Primary Category :  Games

Last Update:  23/10/2010

Current Version:  1.0

Size:  35 MB

Language:  Portuguese

Rating:  4+

Platform Focus:  iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Web Browser

Compatibility:  iPhone 4G Retina Display

iOS Version:  3.0 or later


Technologies:  Xcode, Unity3D, OvniFramework

Connectivity:  OpenFeint, Facebook, Twitter, Achievements

Achievements:  17 achievements to earn

Teams:  9

Best Features:  Stunning 3D graphics, fun gameplay, a lot of achievements to earn, intense Artificial Intelligence and much more.

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