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PKR Ups the Ante in the Battle for Online Poker Supremacy is set to change the way the world plays and perceives online poker

May 2005 - It is time to get your poker face on, as announces a revolution set to shake up the online poker industry in 2006. Featuring 3D graphics, full player animation and in-depth character development, uses advanced video game technologies to offer poker players and video gamers a more immersive, engaging and realistic poker experience.

The groundbreaking free-to-download software allows poker players to get a more true-to-life online poker experience. players can create a unique online identity by adjusting the qualities of their character from facial characteristics to clothing. They can experiment with their complete look, styling their character in their own image or creating their most impressive 'poker face' to distract, intimidate and manipulate opponents.

Created by some of the most talented developers in the gaming industry, led by Jez San, uses high resolution real time 3D graphics to bring the world of online poker to life by integrating key actions such as poker tells, body language and player expressions into the game. Utilising these features, first time players have the opportunity to engage in the kind of psychological battles traditionally only ever experienced in the offline poker arena.

Players are able to develop their online identity by unlocking extra features through regular gameplay, meaning that experienced players will gain access to additional clothing, accessories and 'chip tricks' such as the 'bounce back' and 'finger flip' with which to impress and intimidate their opponents. The 'practise makes perfect' ethic makes as real as online gaming can be. will have similar attributes as other online poker sites with regards to timing and processes and, like traditional online poker software, will be free to download from CD-ROM's will also be available from which players can install the PKR software. For smooth and effective game play broadband internet connection is required.

About & Crunchy Frog Ltd

PKR has been produced by UK based software company Crunchy Frog Ltd, a collection of some of the UK's brightest games programmers and artists who aim to revolutionise the e-gaming industry by developing and releasing software that provides customers with an enhanced gaming experience.

PKR, an enhanced and ultra-realistic 3D poker room, will be the first product released and will be available to download free of charge from the website.

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