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Piyo Blocks 2

Out today at a 'special introductory price'.

London, UK - July 8, 2010 - Indie games developer Big Pixel Studios, today launched their latest title Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the iPhone original Piyo


Building on the classic block matching and combo building of the original, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a wealth of new features, including completely revamped graphics with an all-new look and feel. The game features updated versions of three game modes from the original - Piyo, Hyaku, and Time Attack - and the new “just one more try” Three Second mode!

In addition to multiple single player modes, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a multiplayer battle mode to its catalogue - allowing 2 players to battle it out over WiFi or Bluetooth. You can really

put your combo building to the test in a two player game, allowing you to build up your “combo meter” to send a variety of attacks to your opponent's game.

“Piyo Blocks 2 offers a captivating and challenging experience for gamers of all levels,” said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. “Three Second mode is perfect if you've got a spare moment and want a short fast-paced game, while both Piyo and Hyaku modes allow you to have a more in-depth and strategic game session.”

David Burpitt, Technical Director at Big Pixel Studios, added, “The social and multiplayer features add another level of depth to Piyo Blocks 2, allowing gamers to compete against friends locally, and online using our built-in challenges.”

Piyo Blocks 2 connects to OpenFeint's 26 million players and uses its social gaming to provide a multitude of achievements, leaderboards, and online challenges that allow you to play against friends. Unlike many other games, Piyo Blocks 2 allows you to use all of these social features without ever having to leave your game, giving you a much more complete and overall polished feeling to the experience.

"Big Pixel Studios has obviously gone all out for Piyo Blocks 2. This is a great game – with a beautiful new user interface, great new game play modes, and a really fantastic OpenFeint integration,” said Eros Resimini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at Aurora Feint.

Piyo Blocks 2 is available in the App Store at the special introductory price of $0.99 (£0.59/€0.79) for a limited time, with the price going back up to $2.99 (£1.79/€2.39) soon after.

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About Big Pixel Studios

Big Pixel Studios is a leading independent games developer based in London, UK.

Formed by a small group of industry experts with the aim of creating innovative and entertaining games for everyone to enjoy.

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