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Pitbull Syndicate Ltd: Showing off their K9, Automaniacs and Over the Top


Newcastle, England November 2004 - Pitbull Syndicate Ltd, will be attending the 4th annual Game Connection 2004. It will take place on Monday 6th - 7th - and 8th of December and will be held in: L'Espace Tête d'Or Convention Center Lyon Villeurbanne FRANCE. Their booth number will be N°62.

Pitbull Syndicate Ltd will be demonstrating two brand new titles using their K9 Game Engine: Automaniacs and Over the Top.

Automaniacs is a present day anarchic mission based driving game following the lives of two irascible car thieves. Reluctantly conscripted by local entrepreneurial villain Virgil Finley the game takes our beleaguered heroes on a journey that can often be viewed as dark and cynical yet at the same time offers immense, often humorous entertainment as our hapless duo embark on the most preposterous of missions that will crack even the hardest of faces into a broad smile.

Over the Top is a game based on the most primitive of extreme sports cars racing, were contents drive hell for leather on platforms constructed of wood, rope, tarpaulin, with crazy ramps and curves only add to the danger of the sport. The tracks could be made from steel and concrete but after all, remove the risk and you remove the sport.

Pitbull Syndicate will be demonstrating their in house developed proprietary k9 Game Engine. This engine's main function is to make powerful rendering, physics and AI system with a flexible and user-friendly toolset to facilitate the creation, testing and integration of game environments quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of k9:

A sophisticate free-roaming DVD streaming technology allowing huge game environments

A rendering engine featuring numerous handcrafted shaders and modifiers, including a sophisticated metallic paintwork shader

A dynamics system able to cope with hundreds of active collidable objects, within the environment from simple cubes to complex systems with many components.

An AI system designed to handle over 100 vehicles at once with behaviour patterns ranging from simple avoidance to police car 'hunt and intercept'

Visuals for whatever....promotion

About Pitbull Syndicate:

The Pitbull Syndicate Ltd. was formed in December 1996 by a small group of programmers and artists with the aim of providing a high quality third-party game development service for home consoles. Specialising in racing games, the team has to date produced 'Test Drive 4', 'Test Drive 5', 'Test Drive 6' and 'Demolition Racer' for Accolade, and Test Drive (AKA TD: Overdrive) for Atari. Pitbull is currently working with a US based publisher, developing an exciting new twist on the racing game genre.

The Pitbull Syndicate is an experienced and highly professional team committed to developing 'AAA' videogames that are technologically innovative but also rewarding to play.

Frazer Nash Communications Ltd

Telephone 01296 712522

Mobile 07788 971810

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