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Pirates Saga

New quest system for peg-legged Facebook game.

This week's update will introduce a small revolution for Pirates Saga players, introducing the new quest system. Tomasz Wecki, PR Manager at Can't Stop Games says: "Our players gave much attention to various tasks and quests throughout the game and found them very satisfying. If we wanted to make the game even better, we had to keep the best solutions already in place and improve them. We wanted the quests to be somewhat familiar to Facebook users, but packed with extra strategy, action and adventure. And so - we did it!"

New quest system allows the payers to conquer various archipelagos and become true rulers of the high seas. There is a lot of treasures to capture, gold to plunder and fame to win! Opportunities will only grow in number as the player's domain spreads to the surrounding islands.

While fulfilling their conqueror ambitions, players will also be able to engage in exciting, all-new adventures. A big pack of new quests is going to be added and their overall number in the game will gradually grow to several hundreds. A lot to do for a brave pirate!

"I must admit we have ambitious plans for Pirates Saga and there will be more positive surprises in near future. Keep an eye on the news and see for yourself"- comments Tomasz Wecki.

Pirates Saga is available for free on Facebook:

More about Pirates Saga:

Starting as a young pirate, a world of opportunities is open for you. Plunder and pillage, hunt for sea monsters, raid merchant ships and seek ancient treasures! Will you become the scourge of the seas, or will you turn a one-eyed Robin Hood?

Fight with friends in real time! Build the strongest ship, complete the best crew –and show your friends a true naval superiority. Compete for the prestigious seat in the Pirate's Board, while spoiling efforts of your enemies. Secure alliances with other players and crush all opposition.

Follow the great adventure, which will take you to distant islands and ancient treasures. If you play your cards right, there's nothing you can't do in the fabulous game of Pirates Saga.

About Can't Stop Games:

Can’t Stop Games is a developer specialized in social and MMO games. Based in Wroclaw, Poland, the company employs a wide variety of highly talented professionals to create exciting social games. Best people, newest technologies and innovative approach allow us to compete on the expansive market of interactive electronic entertainment.

More information about Can't Stop Games and its products can be found at .

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