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Pirate Quest Iteration 5 Released


Kalmar, Sweden October 15, 2007

Spell of Play Studios is proud announce the preview of Pirate Quest.

Do you have what it takes to become a pirate captain or will the crew throw you to the sharks when they run out of grog? Navigate your way to treasures on three maps in this humoristic puzzle game.

The Pirate Quest Preview Features:

Online Highscore 70 Levels 10 treasures to find 3 Maps to explore Find the city of Tortuga to refill your grog supply and boost crew morale New mini game Even more humoristic sounds

System Requirements:

DirectX 9 compatible graphics card

DirectX 9 compatible sound card

Windows XP, Windows Vista

Pricing and Availability:

The Pirate Quest Demo is available via our web site: []

You can currently buy the full version for 8.99 (+vat) and get all future versions for free.


Spell of Play Studios web site: []

Pirate Quest web page with screen shots:


About Spell of Play Studios []

Contact Information:

Tobias Olsson

+46 709 64 52 88



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