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Pirate Monkeys versus Ninja Robots versus…

Issue 13 of The Escapist Wonders “Why Haven’t They Made This?”

For Immediate Release

Durham, NC - October 4, 2005 - The thirteenth issue of The Escapist magazine (www.escapistmagazine.com) was released today. It looks at obvious (and not-so-obvious) game concepts and asks "Why Haven't They Made This?"

Allen Varney's feature "The Buzz is Gone" explains, in a hypothetical retrospective, why Buzz Aldrin's' Race Into Space was the last of its kind. "Someday, I'll Hack the Gibson," by contributing editor Joe Blancato, discusses the possibility of a massively multiplayer Uplink. In "Pigtails, Pioneers, and Polygons", contributor Kris Naudus discuss the opportunity for a game based on the American Girls franchise. And "Contrarian" columnist John Tynes returns with a discussion of feature creep and an alternative to sequels.

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