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Pinpoint Launch PSP Accessories Across 3 Main Brands


Over the coming weeks Pinpoint Consumer Electronics are to launch stylish and functional PSP accessories across their Nyko, Digital Innovations and Gamexpert ranges. All the accessories are designed to provide solutions to problems people may experience when using the PSP and to enhance its functionality. Pinpoint Consumer Electronics will be exhibiting these at the Games Market Europe exhibition at the end of August.

Digital Innovations

Glare Guard (RRP £19.99)

An anti-glare device for the PSP screen, the Glare Guard improves the quality of game play in a brightly lit environment by reducing screen glare. Fitting securely and easily onto the PSP, the Glare Guard has an automatic pop-up function and also doubles as a screen scratch-protector when not in use.

Porta Lock (RRP £12.99)

The handheld design of the PSP means it is vulnerable to opportunists. The Porta Lock attaches to both a belt and the PSP with an ultra-secure combination lock to prevent theft. The compact and portable design provides a high-quality security solution when on the move, and the 3ft retractable cord also allows you to play on the go.

Motorised UMD Cleaner Cartridge (RRP £19.99)

Removes dust and dirt that can affect the playing quality of the UMD, by using advanced microfiber technology to polish the UMD cartridge. The UMD Cleaner Cartridge is easy to use with its motorised action and the compact, portable design clips onto the UMD.


Screen Armour (RRP £9.99)

The Nyko Screen Armour attaches to the face using foldable, locking clips for an easy, secure fit to the PSP's 4.3" display. The design is made from brushed aluminium to offer long lasting protection whilst also being lightweight so it does not add bulk to the PSP. The Screen Armour has a rubber underside to protect the PSP from scratches, dirt and dust.


Starter Kit (RRP £19.99)

This handy 5-piece kit encompasses all the basics needed to protect the PSP and to make the most of its functionality. The kit includes a screen protector for the PSP, 4 UMD cases, a USB cable to connect the PSP to the PC, a car power adapter and a leather wrist strap. This is a great value-for-money starter kit for the PSP.

Sound Case (RRP £29.99)

The Sound Case combines custom fit Storage with built-in NXT Speaker technology.

Concealed within the protective EVA material of the top cover is a Flat Panel Speaker capable of 3 watts output with a full range 275Hz to 20KHz frequency response. Featuring advanced sound technology and bespoke protective storage and easy access to the controls the Gamexpert Sound Case is the perfect partner for the PSP

Universal Multi Disc Case (RRP £4.99)

The Universal Multi Disc (UMD) case is the practical way to store games designed for the PSP. The case can store up to 5 games for the PSP. The UMD case also features concertina-style pockets, which provide quick and easy access to the games, ideal for Gamers on the move. It is hardwearing and the design compliments the Gamexpert PSP Sound Case. The UMD case comes with a sturdy metal hook so it can be attached to the Sound Case.

Screen Protector (twin) (RRP £5.99)

Also soon to be available in the Gamexpert range is a new PSP cover. It comes supplied in a pack of 2 (one clear, 1 smokey grey) and can be used together with the sound case as a portable music solution. Users can also access the PSP controls whilst the cover is in place.


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