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Pinch (HD)

HD Norb-collecting game out now.

Pinch (HD) is the highly awaited sequel to Coatsink Software’s addicting game of “Pinch” currently available on the Apple App Store. The objective of Pinch (iOS) is to guide groups of colored orbs, called “Norbs”, to the exit of each level. This is done by physically dragging them by use of your finger. On your way, you will encounter a myriad of obstacles that will require you to “pinch” Norbs apart or by merging them together, in order to influence their size and color. As you progress throughout the game, new game-mechanics will be introduced, and the logic puzzles involved in reaching the exit of each level becomes more challenging.

Coatsink Software is now offering selected journalists an exclusive opportunity to receive a preview version of Pinch (HD), developed exclusively for the Apple iPad. Pinch (HD) is a brand new game rebuilt from scratch with better graphics, improved audio and better pinch! The preview version includes 40 of the 100 levels currently planned for the finished version of the game, scheduled for full and final release before March 2011. Pinch (HD) will include in its final release a number of brand new obstacles and unique power-ups including “The Chute”, which is a teleportation feature that transports Norbs to a different location within the same level: Additionally, players are now able to change the size of holes, and the color of color gates, by manipulating buttons and switches, but with greater control comes a greater (and more fun) challenge! Add to this plenty of hidden secrets, new and interesting gameplay mechanics, and full support of portrait- and landscape-modes of play.

Pinch (HD) not only looks visually incredible, it also features completely new content; it’s a brand new game with more levels and obstacles, and journalists interested in this unique opportunity of getting a sneak-peak preview version should contact and requesting evaluation code (and submitting their Apple iPad (UDID)) granting you first-hand exclusive access to this amazing puzzler.

Additional information about the original Pinch for the Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®, and for the latest information on Pinch (HD), please visit - recently updated with brand new content!  

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