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Pinball FX 2

Your questions answered (yes, yours) and BioLab table revealed.

We’ve been receiving many questions regarding Achievements in Pinball FX 2, and how we were able to get 39 of them in an Xbox LIVE Arcade game alongside a GamerScore of 650. The key thing to understand is that Pinball FX 2 is a platform which will be updated for a long time to come with new content. Being a platform provides access to more Achievements and a higher GamerScore.


A few more notes about Achievements in Pinball FX 2:

Pinball FX tables will get a new set of Achievements, which gives you another reason to play them! There are sets of achievements requiring you to beat the high scores of your friends. Now take into consideration how the Wizard Score works (the combination of your friends Superscores) and you realize that you will have to beat those friends you have joined up with for a high Wizard Score! As new tables are added, more Achievements and GamerScore will be available. Today we are also announcing Biolab, another original table that will be included in the Pinball FX 2 Core Collection. 




Something has gone horribly wrong in the Mad Scientists lab. Rescue genetically mutated creatures and solve mysterious puzzles as you play your way through BioLab on Pinball FX 2.   BioLab joins Rome & Pasha as part of the Pinball FX 2 Core Collection. Look for more table reveals in the coming weeks!


Pinball FX 2 will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, October 13th as part of Game Feast presented by Microsoft.


About Pinball FX 2


Pinball FXis back, and it’s better than ever! Pinball FX 2 offers improved graphics and a host of new features for novices and experts alike: a new state-of-the-art physics model that surpasses anything available so far, Operators Menu with custom settings and advanced play info, automatic in-game challenges against your friends, and split-screen local multiplayer mode—a first in video pinball history! Pinball FX 2 also offers full backward compatibility for Pinball FX owners—download Pinball FX 2 free and play all your Pinball FX tables within Pinball FX 2!


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