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Pilot Winds

Flying penguins invade the App Store.

In Pilot Winds, you play as a thrill-seeking penguin, speeding down a series of bridges that link an endless range of snow topped mountains.

By holding your finger on the screen, you fall faster, increasing your speed on downward slopes, while releasing at the right moment lets you soar into the air.

Timing is everything, and if you time your presses perfectly you can reach incredible speeds! Watch out for the uphill slopes which can slow you down dramatically. However, if you manage to tap the screen just as you hit the ground you can bounce over them - maintaining your speed and giving you bonus points to boot!

This free game comes with the Mad Minute game mode, in which the player has 60 seconds to claim highscores. Players have the opportunity to upgrade via in-app purchase to unlock three more varied game modes. With exciting and interesting gameplay and many hidden combos, characters, bonuses and achievements! Pilot Winds also features online highscores and achievements through Game Center.

Further updates are planned with additional game modes being added for both free and upgraded games in the coming weeks, as well as new themes and unlockable characters.

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