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MMORTS enters open beta.

Cambridge, England - Leading independent online game developer, Nice Technology, proudly announce that their new massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game Picaroon has now been released into open beta. Classic Picaroon, a game lasting two weeks, is the first of three ways of playing Picaroon and will be followed by Skirmish Picaroon and Persistent Picaroon. The Cambridge based development team would like to invite everyone to join the beta by visiting their official website

Toby Simpson, the Producer of Picaroon, said "We're excited about open beta and look forward to welcoming new members to our growing community of Picaroon fans. Picaroon has strategies for all: builders, attackers, defenders and diplomats."

Picaroon's engaging strategy can be played over an hour, some weeks or indefinitely -- you choose! With two-week games in open beta now and Skirmish games of an hour or two that you can configure yourself coming in January, that's two ways to battle your way from island to island. A persistent Picaroon arriving in the following months will be the ultimate way to play Picaroon: how long can you hold on to a presence in the world? One game, three great ways to play!

A video trailer showing the game can be found on the Picaroon's official YouTube channel at:

About Picaroon

Picaroon is a persistent real-time strategy game set on a water world of the future where empires hold on to what land they can with vast sea battles. Start with one island, gather resources to construct fleets and explore the open oceans to find new territories. Some will be deserted and others occupied by pirates, allies or enemies. Choose your tactics and any specials (virtual cards that give extra defensive and offensive capabilities) that you might have amassed and expand your empire through diplomacy and... other methods! Games can last hours, weeks, months or even longer: one game, three great ways to play. Picaroon is presented in full 3D and runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is in open beta now.

About Nice Technology

Nice Technology develops and self publishes multiplayer online games and virtual worlds using its proprietary game's engine, AliceServer. The development team's first game Time of Defiance was released to the public back in the summer of 2002. Since then Nice Technology has produced a children's game for the BBC based on a popular TV show called Tronji. The studio is currently working on Picaroon its new RTS game.


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Tronji World

Time of Defiance  

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