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Phony Ring Two:Five Drops a Beat

For Immediate Release

May 4th 2006- Volatile Assembly,, is proud to announce their first hybrid of game and music is now available, Phony Ring Two:Five. Volatile Assembly has mixed a classic 'falling block' game with the rhythms and beats of a variety of music. The term "Two:Five" refers to blocks falling in pairs of two with the requirement of matching five colors to score points.

"Our goal with the game is to make the game use the music to come to life," says company owner Alejandro López. "Everything in Phony Ring Two:Five happens to the beat of the music and everything responds and reacts to the rhythm, creating a unique product teeming with movement."

Phony Ring Two:Five features three different game modes that vary the length of the game by increasing or reducing the number of points that must be scored to move to the next level. The game plays similar to falling block games like Tetris, but using a circular ring as the playing field as opposed to a two dimensional square. This provides for a much wider array of strategies to score many points. It is the first in a series of games that utilize the life of the music to create a separate life within a game.

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Demo Download:;plat=0&code=demo

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