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Match three/horror combo to released today.

Phantasmat marks the return of the adventure-horror genre in casual games. Combining an interesting & compelling plot with hidden-object & match-3 mechanics, this game follows up with beautiful hand-rendered graphics. The game immerses the player in a dream-like sunken city, inhabited by its former citizens. The suspense is heightened by an impressive soundtrack by Rob Westwood. "Our goal was to go above and beyond of what most casual adventure games on the market represent. Our aim was to make a game that's simple and fun to play, but which still offers the players an engrossing mystery and beautifully realized world to explore", said Lead Designer Tom Grochowiak.

The intricate plot of Phantasmat is revealed step by step as the player solves challenging puzzles, in a unique blend of hidden object and match-3 gameplay. The hidden object mode features hand-painted levels and random objects to locate, providing lots of replay-ability. The colorful match-3 mode allows the player to uncover the hidden objects using an alternate method. As Codeminion co-owner Konrad Olesiewicz said: "Our aim was to create an immersive adventure & puzzle game with some horror elements, featuring superb graphics and music. I believe we succeeded in this with Phantasmat, which might be one of our best games to date."

"In a genre where so many games are rushed to market, Phantasmat is a breath of fresh air. The developer's respect for the hidden object audience, coupled with a clear understanding of what this audience likes and doesn't like, makes buying this game a no-brainer." Gamezebo

Phantasmat returns to the glory days of adventure games, combining extensive locations & levels with a large amount of logical and mathematical puzzles. Each of the characters that confront the player is fully voiced, including an appearance by Michael McConnohie of Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft fame. Each character has his own history and motives, which influence the plot and the player's actions. Quoting Codeminion co-owner and designer Maciej Biedrzycki: "At Codeminion we always aspire to create games which stand out from the crowd. Our games always feature top-notch graphics blended with a unique approach to classic game modes, while maintaining our signature attention to detail".

Phantasmat features:

- Beautiful hand-rendered graphics

- Over 100 gorgeously realized locations and puzzles

- Immersive & well-written plot

- Hour of athmospheric music and fully voiced characters

- Ability to switch between hidden object mode and match-3 at any time

- Three game modes to choose

Phantasmat is immediately available for purchase at the Codeminion website. The game is available in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish on both Mac and PC.


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