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Some four-legged facts on the upcoming Petz line of games.

Product Description

In Ubisoft’s Petz Nursery, players can care for and bond with a variety of the cutest newborn animals, from dogs to polar bears. Help them grow into strong and healthy animals!

In Ubisoft’s Petz Dogz Talent Show and Petz Hamsterz Superstarz, players can make their dogs or hamsters into the stars they’ve always wanted them to be: Care for them, discover their personality and train them in a variety of fun and wacky activities to turn them into talented Petz.

Players can also send their animals to and from these Petz games via wireless inter-connectivity. Send your baby pet from Petz Nursery to Dogz Talent Show or Hamsterz Superstarz to continue to watch them grow and train them to become talented starz! Or breed a talented baby puppy in Petz Dogz Talent Show and send him to Petz Nursery to nurture him.

Key Features

Petz Nursery

• Learn how to take care of adorable baby petz: Give them milk, keep them clean and warm, help them grow.

• Unlock more exotic baby animals such as polar bears, pandas and tigers as you prove your nurturing abilities.

• Watch your baby animals interact, such as a baby puppy and polar bear playing together

• Play fun games with your baby petz and watch them react in surprising ways – Play pick-a-boo and watch them make faces at you, or sing songs until they fall asleep.

• Inter-connectivity: Send your baby petz from Petz Nursery to other Petz games (Petz Dogz Talent Show and Hamsterz Superstarz) wirelessly to continue watching them grow.

Petz Dogz Talent Show

• Train your puppies in fun activities: Including skateboarding, obstacle courses, doing a 360 in the air and catching a Frisbee or ball.

• Watch your dogs reach their full potential: Each activity has different levels for your puppy to reach; master the easy level to unlock more difficult training courses and new tricks.

• Discover your puppies’ funny and unexpected behaviors: If your Chihuahua doesn’t have a good balance, he/she will keep falling from the skateboard so you have to help them improve.

• Send your newborn puppy to the Petz Nursery game and vice versa: Breed 2 talented dogs to have a talented baby puppy and use wireless to send your newborn puppy to Petz Nursery.

• Show off your star puppies to your friends on the web or via wireless: Post pictures of your pets showing off their skills on the Petz website or send them to your friend.

Petz Hamsterz Superstarz

• Care for your hamsters and discover their talents: Bond with your hamsters and train them .

• Unlock new items: As you train your hamster, earn coins that you can spend at the store to unlock new toys and accessories.

• Train your hamsters in wacky activities and watch them progress through different levels: including parachuting, bowling contests, running through mazes and entering fashion shows.

• Discover your hamsters’ funny and unexpected behaviors: Watch their funny facial expressions and animations.

• Send your newborn hamster to the Petz Nursery game and vice versa: Breed 2 funny hamsters to have an even funnier baby hamster and use wireless to send the newborn to the Petz Nursery.

Product Specifications:

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubi Nagoya

Pricing: $29.99 USD

Ship Date: Petz Nursery: October 27, 2009

Petz Dogz Talent Show: November 3, 2009

Petz Hamsterz Superstarz: November 10, 2009

Platform: Nintendo DS™ system

Category: Pet Simulation

Rating: RP (E Expected)

© 2009 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Petz, Hamsterz, Dogz, Ubisoft,, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo.

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