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Peter Jackson's King Kong unleashed for mobile phones

Gameloft launches official mobile game of the highly anticipated movie

Gameloft has announced the launch of the official mobile game to this year's most anticipated movie, Peter Jackson's King Kong.

Triple Academy Award winner, Peter Jackson, is bringing his vision of the iconic ape to cinema screens, while the gaming community will be receiving the official game of the film on all formats. Thanks to Gameloft, mobile phone users aren't being left out either, and the game is now available on all carriers' decks.

The mobile version incorporates the central characters from the film, and has been developed in close collaboration with the film creators, to ensure the storyline and visuals remain consistent with the cinematic epic.

Michel Guillemot, president of Gameloft commented: "The opportunity to work with Universal and the film production team has been quite an experience. We've put together a strong team of creative thinkers, innovative designers and talented programmers to ensure we develop a game that captures the spirit of such an iconic film and which also extends the experience for gamers and movie fans alike."

Featuring nine levels in three environments capturing the pivotal moments of the film, King Kong mobile includes the legendary climb to the top of New York's tallest skyscraper as gamers battle to save Ann and avoid the swarming planes bent on ending the giant ape's life.

A unique dual gameplay mechanic allows players to step into the shoes of Jack to protect Ann from the jungle traps and savage villagers, or fight dinosaurs and native beasts with incredible combination attacks as the mighty King Kong.

The official game of the movie is available now, and will be followed in the coming weeks by multiple console and PC versions of the game.

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