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November 2007, London, United Kingdom- The founder of Google says that personalisation is the next big phenomenon.

According to a recent Times Online article, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt made the statement whilst discussing the success of iGoogle. The Internet giant created the application, relaunched in April, to allow users to create a customised homepage with news and information.

London-based company Wrapstar recognised the consumer need for personalisation and customisation, particularly where gadgets and the gaming industry were concerned. Since the

creation of the brand in 2005, the boys behind Wrapstar have produced hundreds of variations of their unique 'skins,' including the latest England Rugby versions recently licensed by the RFU.

Made of high quality cast vinyl and backed with a special adhesive, Wrapstar skins are designed to customise, refresh and protect all gaming hardware, iPods and mobile phones. Managing Director Max Haddow says personalisation is a key concept behind the Wrapstar brand.

"Consumers are demanding more choice and adopting trends much faster nowadays. They are simply not satisfied with a plain black or white machine for any length of time and want a product that conveys their character, sense of style and image."

"We saw an opportunity at Wrapstar to give consumers a non-permanent way to personalise and express themselves, at a fraction of the cost and within minutes. We have such a wide variety of designs that we can meet almost anyone's demands," he says.

The skins come pre-cut and precision cut with the added benefit of being easy to apply and remove. Most importantly, they leave no sticky residue behind on your prized £250 plus machine and protect the hardware from minor bumps and knocks.

Priced from as little as £3.99 to £5.99 the skins are the most cost-effective way to change the appearance of your gadget of choice, certainly a far cheaper alternative to buying the new white PSP or mint green iPod Nano simply for its colour. Consumers can have a completely different machine within a few minutes, allowing them to stay ahead of the trends and never tire of the look of their hardware.

Wrapstar is currently sold online via Amazon and GAME as well as all major independents. The RFU skins are available in-store at Twickenham Stadium on and the RFU website.

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