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Peripherals Specialist Launches Next Generation Accessories For 2006

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UK peripherals specialist Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has launched a number of innovative new XBox 360 accessories from leading brand Nyko. The products add to the existing range of XBox 360 performance cables from Gamexpert, and Pinpoints' portfolio of gaming and entertainment accessories across platforms including PSP, PS2, XBox, Gamecube, iPod and PC.

Game Face 360 MSRP £24.99 - A fully-customisable faceplate for the Xbox 360. The kit includes a two-piece clear front plate and stylised base plate, fifteen blank templates, six pre-printed designs, and simple to use Game Face design software. The snap-together construction which houses the skins easily clips on to the front of the 360, giving users the freedom to change their faceplate on a whim to their own personal designs. Gamers can create custom faceplate skins featuring drawings, photos, stickers and computer generated graphics, which can then be easily printed off on a home printer. Unlike other solutions on the market, the product provides a fun and easy way to create quality custom faceplates at home in an instant with no online ordering or waiting for delivery. The Game Face 360 is the ideal solution for creative gamers to show off their personal style.

A pack of 20 blank refill templates are available for the Gameface for £9.99.

Intercooler 360 MSRP £19.99 - An innovative snap-on fan cooling unit that dramatically reduces heat throughout the Xbox 360, promoting longer life and reliability of the consoles internal components. The Intercooler attaches to the back of the console and is powered by the 360 via a pass through port, no internal modification of the console is required and it turns on and off automatically in conjunction with the 360. The compact design fits in home entertainment centres and will operate in either a horizontal or vertical position. The Intercooler is an excellent safeguard to extend the life of your XBox 360.

Multi Reader 360 MSRP £29.99 - This compact, multi-functional unit not only works as a USB hub, allowing users to connect cameras, MP3 players or iPods, it also serves as a multi tap so gamers can attach a total of four controllers to the Xbox 360, and a flash memory reader which supports the most popular types of flash memory: Smart Media, Compact Flash, Sony Memory Stick and Secure Digital. The Multi Reader 360 gives gamers a variety of ways to listen to music, watch videos, view photos stored on memory cards or other USB enabled devices, and play team gaming sessions through their Xbox 360.

Intelligent Remote 360 MSRP £19.99 - A sleek, universal remote with back-lit buttons that allows users to control their Xbox 360, television and other home electronics components with the same device. The unit picks up a signal simply by aiming the source remote at the Intelligent Remote. The product learns commands from standard remote controls so no programming is required. This allows for convenient access to the 360's functions while using other electronic household devices such as a TV and stereo - all from the same remote. Nyko's remote is ideal for gamers who have already made their Xbox 360 their entertainment centrepiece.

Faceplate 360 MSRP £14.99 - Designer faceplates that easily snap-on to the face of the XBox 360 to personalise the console. The faceplates are made of high-grade polycarbonate for a glossy high-quality finish. Their design makes for easy installation and swapping.

Power Kit 360 £14.99 - A battery pack and charge cable in one. Compatible with Microsoft's Wireless Controller for XBox 360, the charge and play cable is for convenient battery recharge from the XBox 360's USB ports, whilst the high quality NiMH rechargeable battery offers up to 25 hours of play per charge.

Power Pak 360 MSRP £9.99 - Compatible with Microsoft's Wireless Controller for XBox 360, the Power Pak 360 is an NiMH rechargeable battery that offers excellent performance and long life. With up to 25 hours of play per charge it eliminates the need to purchase expensive batteries.

The launch of the Xbox 360 products will be supported with a national PR and marketing campaign. All parties interested in selling the Nyko XBox 360 accessories or any other products distributed by Pinpoint Consumer Electronics or in supporting the marketing of the 360 line should contact the company on the details below.

For sales enquiries please contact Rodney Annet at

For press enquiries please contact Heather Leech at

Notes To Editors:
Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has been established since 2000. Based near Manchester, the company is the exclusive distributor for a growing portfolio of accessories that enhance the users experience of electronic consumables. The brands that the company currently represents include the following;

Neuros - High end portable media devices.

Gamexpert - The fastest growing games accessories brand in the UK.

Digital Innovations - A groundbreaking range of care, repair and maintenance accessories for discs and electronics.

Nyko - A superb range of high-performance accessories for the interactive entertainment, computing and consumer electronics markets.

Many of the company's products have won numerous industry accolades and coveted awards for their design and innovative features.

Pinpoint PR Contact:
Heather Leech
PR & Marketing Executive
01606 558 428

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