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Perfect fun for all this Christmas

14th November 2005

Stephen Fry's splendiferous comedy panel show returns to BBC2 on Friday 30 September and runs through to mid December. Play the game yourself with the most superb, groundbreaking QI Interactive DVDi Game, released by Warner Home Video on 14th November.

This Christmas Warner Home Video and Talkback Thames gifts families and friends the ultimate comedic quiz with the QI Interactive DVDi Game priced £19.99 RRP.

Groundbreaking technology has been used to create the first ever fully interactive game of its kind on DVD, resulting in a whole new experience in gaming perfect for fun-packed afternoons with the family or evenings at home with friends. The essence of the DVDi Game is to laugh and have fun discussing topics on the entire universe with your fellow contestants all the while being educated.

But be prepared for your incorrect answers to be met with Fry's rapier wit on scathing comebacks that would make even Anne Robinson cower. "Dunderheads" should brace themselves for hilariously shaming comments like: "You really are a durh-brain, aren't you?" "You really are, I'm sorry to say this, but you are incredibly dumb." As well as "There are amoebas that would know the answer" and "Oh you really are donkey-brained aren't you?"

Examples of the head-scratchingly bizarre questions whose strange but true answers are not necessarily the most obvious include:

90% of which of the following kinds of men are both dyslexic and left-handed:

(a) Cardinals (b) Submariners ® Gays (d) Architects

A scientific survey of male British MPs in the year 2000 found that 80% of them were sexually aroused by photographs of:

(a) Denise Van Outen in a skimpy frock (b) Jeremy Paxman ® A surgical operation from the patient's point of view (d) Mrs Thatcher.

What is the ludicrous middle name of Richard Gere?

(a) Michaelangelo (b) Hamster ® Charlemagne (d) Tiffany


Limited interviews are available with Stephen Fry to promote the game. If you would like to nominate your media outlet please mailto:> with details of deadline, duration required and angle of interview.


The object of the game is to progress without falling into the trap of selecting the obvious, yet wrong answer. The answer to one question creates a theme for the next.

The QI DVD is quite simply the most quite interesting quiz you will ever play. In the large but velvety hands of your QI Minotaur, Stephen Fry, you enter a dark mental maze filled with mystical beasts: singing dogs & cat burglars; Lord Byron's rampant nanny & Adam's flannel. You will also meet Woonsocket.

The objective is to complete seven linked strands of around fifty questions each. Hidden at the end of each thread is a reward in the form of a secret letter. You must collect all these letters, a full complement of which forms an anagram. This acts as a key, gaining you access to the inner sanctum of QI where you may befriend the QI elves and win a chance at the coveted title of QI Master itself.

The ultimate object of the game is to have fun and to learn something. If, however, your desire is simply to be right the whole time, all you have to do is play the game over and over again for a week or so and then you can then impress your friends and apply for an "I'm A Hateful Little Smartass" badge.


QI and AI Interactive DVDi Game is a Talkback Production and is produced by comedy producer John Lloyd (Blackadder, Not The Nine O'Clock News, Spitting Image).

QI, the world's seemingly most impossible quiz returns for a third series on BBC2 from 30th September and will run for 12 weeks until mid December with guests including Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Tim Rice, Bill Bailey, Phil Jupitus, John Sessions and Clive Anderson.


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