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Penguins Arena - Sedna's World

Game's development chronicled on

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – December 19, 2008 – Meridian4 ( and Frogames are pleased to announce a featured article on the development of Penguins Arena on makers of the Torque Engine, the technical heart and soul of Penguins Arena.

To celebrate the game’s release on Steam and other online channels, is running a full-length interview it did with Christophe and Mathieu from Frogames who are long time supporters of the Torque Engine. To read the interview, go to

"Frogames has a reputation in the GarageGames development community as producing high quality indie games. Penguins Arena in particular is a personal favorite of mine since it is so easy to pick up and play, with its fantastic artwork and intuitive gameplay. GarageGames has enjoyed a great working relationship with Frogames, not only because they develop very fun games, but also as content providers for our Torque line of game engines." - Deborah Marshall, Torque Product Group Manager, GarageGames

About Penguins Arena

It all begins when a penguin legend comes to life in the form of Sedna, the ancient Penguin Goddess. Global warming, pollution... Penguin tribes are endangered. Sedna utters them that there is room for but one tribe. And so the purging begins.

Penguins Arena is a thrilling and innovative First Penguin Shooter with very short rounds and where the magic of reincarnation, combined with the supernatural ability to return to the game as a ghost, ensures that your character has every chance to change your tribe's fate.

Save the Penguins, Save the Planet!

• 5 different weapons and bonuses

• Up to 4 different penguins tribes

• 15 different Icebergs battlefields

• Cute and colored cartoon graphics

• Short rounds and furious, intense gameplay

• Player interaction, even after death

• Reincarnation system

• 10 Steam Achievements to unlock

• Multiplayer game (LAN or Internet)

About Meridian4

Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. A new publishing company, with new ideas and a different approach to forming partnerships with developers, Meridian 4 aims to actually form a partnership – a true relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for developers’ products. For more information, visit

About Frogames

Frogames is an indie game developer who lends its cartoonish and colorful touch to the gaming industry. Launched in Reims, France during 2005, Frogames is in the capable hands of three motivated and fun-loving people who are environmentally aware. For more information, visit

About GarageGames

GarageGames is located in Eugene, Oregon and on the web at As the makers of Torque Game Builder, Torque Game Engine, Torque Game Engine Advanced, and Torque X, they have been providing game development tools and technology at an affordable price since 2000. The Torque Technologies line of game engines have been used since to develop hits such as Marble Blast Ultra, Fallen Empire: Legions, Penny Arcade Adventures, Screwjumper, Rocketmen and countless other titles on Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and GarageGames' own InstantAction web-based gaming service.

To get a review copy of this high-addictive, independent title, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Steve Milburn


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