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PC2PSP Brand Launch

Betty Boop, Flash Gordon, Popeye

For Immediate Release

Classic Cinema and Cartoons Premier on the PSP

Dallas, TX - October 20, 2006 - Wild Hare Entertainment and Alten8 Limited are proud to announce the first 4 titles of the new PC2PSP media format from Alten8, for North American release.

The PC2PSP is a simple format for placing video onto the Sony PSP portable entertainment system. The video is played using the game system's screen and sound hardware.

At last you can watch classic movies, movie serials, and cartoons on your Sony PSP portable entertainment system. The PC2PSP titles include the complete, unedited full versions, of each title on one disc for transfer to your PSP, or alternatively to watch on your PC. The PC2PSP files have digitally boosted sound, and are pre-formatted for use on your PSP, simply cut and paste them from your PC disc, onto you PSP Memory Card. Place as many as your memory card allows, and watch them on the go!!!

With both episodic content and full films, these are the first in a large range of PC2PSP titles, being released worldwide, with appropriate content for each country. The UK titles will be published by Alten8, and other country release titles will be announced in future press releases. PC2PSP allows a whole new range of content to be provided for the PSP, with many types, and future titles to be announced.


Since the 1930's Popeye and his friends have kept us laughing with his classic animation fun. Watch him pop open a can of spinach when he needs extra strength to take on Bluto, win the day and the heart of Olive Oil.

At last you can watch 16 complete, unedited full version episodes of the classic Popeye Cartoons on one disc for transfer to your PSP or to watch on your PC.

Volume 1

1 - Popeye with Little Sweet Pea 2 - Popeye meets Sinbad the Sailor 3 - I'm in the Army Now 4 - The Painless Window Washer

5 - I Never Change My Mind 6 - Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves 7 - A Date to Skate

8 - Customers Wanted 9 - Bride and Groom 10 - Me Musical Nephews 11 - Shuteye Popeye

12 - Big Bad Sinbad 13 - Ancient Fistory 14 - Floor Flusher 15 - Popeye's 20th Anniversary

16 - Taxi-Turvy

Volume 2

1 - Aladdin and his Wonderful Map 2 - Greek Mythology 3 - Fright to the Finish 4 - Private eye Popeye

5 - Gopher Spinach 6 - Cookin' with Gags 7 - Out to Punch 8 - Assault and Flattery

9 - Insect to Injury 10 - Parlez Vous Woo 11 - I Don't Scare 12 - A Haul in One

13 - Newlyweds 14 - Patriotic Popeye 15 - Spree Lunch 16 - Spooky Swabs

Zorro and His Fighting Legion Volume 1

"Classic Cinema From Zorro And His Fighting Legion - Don Diego and his alter ego Zorro the masked hero, leads a fighting force to fight a villain who plots the conquest of The Republic of Mexico - Only Zorro And His Fighting Legion Can Save The Day!!!"

At last you can watch 6 complete, unedited full version episodes of the classic Zorro Movie Serials on one disc for transfer to your PSP or to watch on your PC.

1 - The Golden God 2 - The Flaming Z 3 - Descending Doom 4 - The Bridge of Peril

5 - The Decoy 6 - Zorro to the Rescue

Betty Boop

For over 70 years Betty Boop has captivated audiences. Her and her friends are now on the PSP for you to watch play, fight and have fun in these animation classics that will bring a smile to your face and a tear of joy to your eye.

At last you can watch 25 complete, unedited full version episodes of the classic Fleischer Studio Betty Boop Cartoons on one disc for transfer to your PSP or to watch on your PC.

Volume 1

1 - Betty Boop's Ker-Choo 2 - Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions 3 - Is My Palm Read? 4 - Betty in Blunderland

5 - Betty Boops Rise to fame 6 - Poor Cinderella 7 - Baby be Good 8 - Betty Boop and Grampy

9 - Judge for a Day 10 - Making Stars 11 - Betty Boop with Henry 12 - Not Now

13 - Betty Boop and Pudgy in We Did it


1 - A Song a Day 2 - More Pep 3 - You're Not Built That Way 4 - Training Pigeons

5 - Be Human 6 - Whoops I'm a Cowboy 7 - The Hot Air Salesman 8 - Pudgy Takes a Bow Wow

9 - On With the New 10 - My Friend the Monkey 11 - The scared Crows 12 - Rhythm on The Reserve

The Sony PSP continues to prove itself as an amazing portable entertainment system. The addition of even more PC2PSP titles, slated for a North American release by Wild Hare in the near future, will only solidify the PSP as the most versatile multi-media handheld available.

About Wild Hare Entertainment

A privately funded entertainment software publisher headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Established in July 2006, Wild Hare Entertainment offers independent developers a cost effective alternative to the traditional publishing and distribution models in the North American retail market. Visit for more information.

About Alten8 Limited

Created and operational during 2005, Alten8 Limited is a new force in the development, publishing and distribution of games and other content, across a wide range of formats. Licensing both older titles under its Retro-Soft brand, and all new titles under the Alten8 label. Alten8 is becoming the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. A wide range of content across PC, Phone, GBA, DS, PSP, PS2 and Wii, either already released, or in development for release 2006 / 2007. Alten8 will be announcing a range of publishing and distribution deals over the coming weeks. Visit for more information. PC2PSP is a Trademark of Alten8 Limited. Alten8 Limited welcomes interest from content providers, and publishers and distributors in other territories, who have interest in PC2PSP content and system to contact it for licensing opportunities.

® 2006 Wild Hare Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. Sony, Sony PSP, PSP, and PlayStation are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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